10 Reasons Why To Become A Blogger

10 Reasons why it Rocks to become a blogger and you should become a blogger

Being A Blogger is fun,interesting as well as stressful and sometimes annoying (mostly when one is unable to write about the the topic & in worst case scenario,Unable to FIND THE TOPIC!!!)
(Yes, this happened with me 😜)

Today, for all of those people, who are skeptical about whether to Start blogging or not, those who think blogging isn’t going to work, it is not fun and enjoyment or very hard to do. I am going to give you the top 10 Reasons(i feel) of why it rocks to be blogger.

I’m sure that after you have read these top 10 Reasons, you gonna jump and say “hey! I am Gonna get my self a blog right Now”

Still here🤗?, let’s get started!

10 Reasons why to become a Blogger

It’s Easy and very simple to start with

Blogging is Very Easy. You can Easily make a blog within half ½ an hour and start posting your articles right away. You don’t need to learn coding,HTML,java or other coding languages to start your own blog. Just buy a web hosting form Hosts like Bluehost, Kinsta, Hostgator or 1andone and you can install your WordPress blog in 1-Click.

Take your Fashion diva or gadget guru Outside 

Blog down your ideas about fashion,Most of the girls have great ideas about fashionable outfits and total makeovers, which they can show off the world through their blog and earn money. you can also get chances to meet many fashion icons throughout the world.
Men who are crazy about gadgets and want to be known as tech-savvy “Dude” have the best chance to earn more from a digital blog. More over you can also get sponsored products for reviews and latest gadgets if you become a little bit experienced and dominant in the digital niche.

You get a chance to do what you’re passionate about
Blogging is all about passion. It us the ultimate way by which you are perfectly capable of executing your passion or it might be something you always wanted to do but somehow couldn’t. You may be willing to share your knowledge, your ideas,innovations or helping & inspiring somebody.

Get yourself and your work on the Web through your blog and join the Bloggers community

Blogging is the best way to make your mark and give your work a platform by which the whole world will be able to see ehat you can do. Take your passion to next level by starting your own blog.

The Best way to connect with the World

Blogging gives you the perfect exposer you want in the world. Your one blog can connect you with millions of people around the globe. The more you write great content,the more your going to get the audience. You will be helping the world and in return will receive loads of appreciation and love.Blogging is always focused on mutual trusts of audience and the blogger. 
You Have To Earn Money? Blog = Opportunities 

In 2017, Blogging is all about Content,Audience and Money. If you can get People to your blogs,yes my friend you can earn a great amount of money.There are various ways to earn money from your blog(Links given at the End). It is like a job, you provide content, content gives you Money 💵!
Your passion gets you Fame

In today’s world, If you are truly passionate about something, The internet(Blog) has many beautiful and awesome things for you. As more people read your blog,more famous you become. Sooner or later you will be coming on the google search results and forums for your hard work and dedication. People will start noticing you.
You Earn Money Using you free time! That’s Great Right?
Blogging in your free time can also give a boost in your income and it depends upon how much you give and dedicated. You may even earn more than your job’s Salary,who knows?
The Best Utilization of your Free time
Why waste your time in watching TV 📺 and Scratching your Head thinking what to do…
Better to share your New recipes, or fashion tips or your tricks to fool your bosses 😈!!

Enhance Your Knowledge,Learn More about Different things
 writing for your blog and reading other blogs will increase your knowledge,Build your Vocabulary and ultimately make you more straightforward and more intellectual. This all will happen by Sharing of knowledge through a portal like a blog.
I hope you have made your mind about Blogging. If you need to ask anything , do ask me by commenting or contact us page.
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