5 Best Email Marketing Services To Boost Your Conversions

Do you know that Email Marketing has proven to increase the sales and conversions up-to 500% ?

Email marketing  Is really  great when it comes to increasing the sales.  This helps affiliate marketers increase their commissions and build a strong reader base who trust and follow these marketers.

While stepping into the world of Email Marketing,  The first step you will need to take is selecting a decent email marketing service. Since you will provide them with your valuable subscribers list,  you need to make sure they are reliable.

In this post,  I will tell you about the 5 Email Marketing services which I feel are the best in Class.  I have used three of them ( in the post later) and the rest two of them are based on the statistics data I received.

1. ActiveCampaign


Whether you own a small business or a giant blog, the activecampaign has robust solutions for you. You can use active campaign to send personalised messages and your readers love.

With them,  you will have a detailed data backed up to give you valuable insight in how your subscribers and customers behave.

One thing which makes them beginner friendly is their resources and guides which will give you indepth training.

P. S.  :- They offer a free migration service too!

[ Try Active Campaign For Free ]

2. Aweber


Aweber rules the email marketing platforms. This service is used by various top marketers around the globe.

The best part about aweber is their experience and flexibility.  The master among all email marketing softwares.

Aweber gives you access to beautiful landing pages,  responsive sign-up forms, easy integration tools and a great customer support.

As beginner,  you get lots of educational guides like this one.

The pricing starts from $29/month and it’s really worth it.

I’ve managed to get you a 30 day free trial. Here is the link.  Enjoy.

3. GetResponse

Get response

Getresponse and Aweber are Two biggest rivals. They both shine but Getresponse proves to be a beginner friendly service.

Getresponse primarily focuses on helping newbies but at the same hand provides top notch quality templates and tracking tools to its users.

As you grow,  they will help you reduce the load.  That means you are in a completely scalable environment.

Here is a link for you. This will give a free trial of 30 days and an access account to all premium features. An all exclusive deal for you. Enjoy.

4. Mailchimp


The boon for beginners. On mailchimp you get a free account for 2500 subscribers. I personally recommend mailchimp to each and every new blogger. This free account doesn’t require any credit cards.

However,  you will not be able to use the advanced features like automation I. E.  The autoresponder and landing pages.

Now these feature are not necessary when you are a newbie but if you want to use them,  checkout the next service.

[ Try Mailchimp ]

5. Mailerlite


Mailerlite is comparatively a new brand in this case but really great when it comes to price plus features.

With Mailerlite you get a free account for up-to 1000 email subscribers and the best part is that this will include the premium features as well. That means you will be able to use the automation and landing pages at not cost!

However, the approval process is really bad at Mailerlite. They have a nasty algorithm which judges if an account will be approved for a free account or not.

As a beginner you might face a disapproval and they won’t tell you the reason behind this.  Anyways, I still recommend them after these 4 services.

[ Try Mailerlite ]

Make Sure you use a custom email address which is accessible via Your Own domain name. For example – admin(at)bforbloggrs.com

Email marketing has proven to increase the sales and build a great followership that is loyal.  You should be collecting emails right from the first day you start a blog.

Pro tip :- For collecting emails,  use the plugin opt-in monster  Or Thrive leads. These two WordPress plugins work out of the box and will help you generate more leads based on geolocation and exit intent along with more additional features to grow your mailing list. All of the mail services seamlessly integrate with these two.

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