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WordPress with Correct and productive plugins are the best combination to your blogging success. 

WordPress is Currently The world’s best CMS Platform (Content management software).Currently WordPress powers more than 28% of the Internet in the world. But WordPress couldn’t do this all itself,So what has helped WordPress In achieving This Success?


Yes, Plugins are the power grid of WordPress. They Bring Ultimate Possibilities and Customization  To WordPress and help it to Fly Above All the other platforms like blogspot and squarespace.

So What a Plugin Really is?

Plug-ins are the key for Customization in softwares. In Computing, plugins are the way to introduce new features and specific functionalities to existing program or software. It’s the same thing in the WordPress. A Particular plugin adds a specific feature to the WordPress software helping user to Add Features Desired. This makes WordPress Fully Customizable.

You can add Custom Comment Section ,Author Box,Improve Security,Make your site More SEO Friendly, block spam comments,add third party app features like Facebook, twitter etc, add community features and much more With different plugins.

Below Are Some of The Best Plugins & I Need You To Install Them Right Away.These plugins will be Giving You The Vital Functions, From Antispam,SEO To Monetization, Security and Extra Boost. These plugins will give you the perfect Start For Sure as I have Personally Selected These Plugins and are Based On my Personal Experience.

1) Akismet (Anti-Spam):-

Akismet Is A Plugin Made by Automattic(the one who made wordpress). It Should be and it must be the First plugin you need to install As soon as you Have installed WordPress. It must not be Neglected in any Case. As i am Assuming you are a beginner and you don’t know anything about Spam Comments.Spam Comments are Generally those comments in which there is a link for promotion of products and services. They look very annoying and can be one of the reasons not to trust on your site. Akismet being an Anti Spam plugin Is a Great Free plugin Which helps WordPress Users to Block these Comments and Makes it Easy To Manage them.

Download Akismet

2) Yoast (SEO):-

Yoast SEO Plugin Should be The Second Plugin and it is also a must To have plugin. A Free SEO plugin, Yoast Helps user to Easily Make their Post,page and The entire Site More Search Engine Friendly. This helps you to get more Organic Traffic.This the only thing you need to have to optimize your website’s SEO and Drive Organic traffic. It’s an easy to use plugin.

Discover & Download Yoast SEO


Jetpack is A Multi Function Plugin. It Has every basic feature you need to make blogging simpler. Upon installing jet pack, you will be getting features to add sharing buttons, Author Profile through Gravatar, Automatically Publicize your Articles, Comprehensive Site Status,Email-Subscriber widget Etc. It’s a feature packed plugin and beginner friendly

Discover Jetpack

4) Sucuri and Loginizer:-

Sucuri and Loginizer Are Two Different Plugins. Buy Both are Essential And Very Important Plugins to keep your WordPress Website/Blog Secure. Sucuri helps in hardening of Security Standards and Loginizer Helps to Block Malicious Login Attempts. These are your first steps taken to keep your account protected by hackers.Most of the WordPress Beginners understand hr importance of security and backups when their account had been hacked. You are lucky because you are reading this article.

Discover Sucuri | Download Loginizer

5) WP Advanced Ads

WP Advanced Ads. It’s the only plugin you need to install to show the Ads on your blog. It has various Output options with full AdSense Support. Managing Ads with Advanced Ads it’s a very easy task. This simplifies the page monetization task.

Download WpAdvanced Ads

All of the above Said plugins are the output of my life experience.  You can save time and effort by choosing these plugins as I am 100 % sure these are the best in the segment.

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