6 Best Lead Generation Plugins For WordPress (With Tutorials)

Once you have selected your preferred E-mail Marketing Service and you have started your mailing list with a couple of autoresponders ready.

But you have a very few subscribers on your list that aren’t converting your hard work.

Did you took time find out Where the problem is? Why people are not subscribing to your blog?

There are lots of things which makes it hard to grow a mailing list and one of the major problem is using a not-so powerful and annoying lead generator.

A lead is the said to be made whenever someone provides you with his/her information by filling out a form or any kind of subscription data collector.

So basically your subscription box located at your sidebar or embedded anywhere on your site is a lead generator.

Listed below are some of the best performing lead generation plugins.



Optinmonster is a plugin made for all. Be it agencies or business or small publishers. This powerful plugin will make you a tough rock competion at building a mailing list.

With over 65+ templates and being super mobile friendly the OptinMonster can be integrated with any web based platform like Drupal, jhoomla, blogger sling with WordPress.

Some of it’s great features include :-

  • A/B split testing.
  • Drag n drop builder
  • Page-level targeting.
  • Sidebar forms.
  • Floating bar.
  • After post & inline forms.
  • Content locking.
  • Exit-intent technology.
  • Referral detection.

For business or serious blogger, you can also access features like custom branding, Custom message and monster effects that gives you 26+ custom animation and sounds effects that converts more visitors.

Campaign Triggers options :-

  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Scroll Trigger
  • MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins
  • InactivitySensor
  • Timed Display Control
  • Campaign Scheduling

OptinMonster integrates with all major email marketing services, including MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, and ConstantContact.

It also has multiple eCommerce integrations, including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion and PrestaShop.

I strongly recommend you to go with OptinMonster or thrive leads if you truly want to attain a powerful tool that is both easy to use and magical.

Discover OptinMonster >>

Thrive leads


Thrive leads is part of the thrive themes brand who owns the famous thirve architecture.

Thrive leads is as powerful as OptinMonster is, and both are fighting in a stiff competition. However thrive leads do offer you some specific features such as :-

Different Opt-In Form Types :-

  • Lightbox Overlay (Popup)
  • ThriveBox 2-Step Optin
  • Optin Widget
  • In-Content Form
  • Ribbon
  • Slide-In
  • Screen Filler
  • Content Lock
  • Multi-Step Forms

Advance features include :- 

  • Super Customizable Forms
  • Highly Conversion Focused Designs
  • Enhanced SmartLinks
  • Best-in-Business Reporting Suite
  • Exit Intent & SmartExit
  • Advanced Trigger Options
  • Precise Targeting
  • Animations & Sounds

With thriveLeads you can show a different campaign form to visitors who have subscribed to your list previously! Smart right?

Discover ThirveLeads >>

ConvertPlug (Now ConvertPlus)

ConvertPlus (convertPlug)

I have been using ConvertPlus since i came to know about pop ups. This plugin comes with loads of features such as :-

Scroll Trigger Popup
Use scroll trigger when visitor have reach a defined percentage of your web-page. Give your visitors the next thing to do when they finish reading your page, article or blog post.

Well Timed Trigger
Using time time-delay trigger you can control the timing of your offering to find & set the best timing visitors require to get familiar & comfortable with your website.

Time Scheduler
Do you have customized message displayed within a particular time period? ConvertPlus lets you schedule popups that will be displayed only within the specified time period.

Repetition Control
Unique functionality that allows you to set frequency & unique views of your opt-in forms, offerings & messages to zero out the annoyance and make your campaigns highly effective.

Content Locker
Option to make your premium content accessible only to subscribers or social followers. Effective way to remain indexed in Google & complement your growing email list & social channels.

Referral Detection
Prioritize visitors coming from a particular website, by displaying specific messages and popups. Identify the domain a visitor is coming from and display or hide particular modules.

Full Screen Mode
The full screen or welcome modals grab user attention as they hide everything else on the screen. ConvertPlus lets you convert any modal popup into a full screen modal with a single click.

Widget Box
ConvertPlus makes it easy to add opt-in forms & social sharing and following icons in the sidebars, in footers or any other widget area using ConvertPlus’s Widget Box.

Video Popups
Engage visitors with video popups! Show video content to visitors within the popup accompanied by a call-to-action or a subscription form at pre-set timing of your choice.

The single plugin comes with almost everything thing you need. The real time live editor makes it easier to design and deploy your pop ups.

ConvertPlus comes with premade templates that are ready to go with minimal customizations. You can also use inline forms and pop ups aling with sidebar forms i suggest you to do a split A/B testing of sole of the templates and formats before settling down for a single one.

Not to mention these pop ups are all mobile friendly and responsive.

Discover  ConvertPlus >>



Used by almost every beginner and some top bloggers, SUMOme is a power packed plugin that gives you over 10+ tools which can contribute towards your blogging succes.

Be it list builder tools, share buttons, heat maps, welcome matts, popup forms, and lots of other tools ready to go in sumo store.

However, our main focus for this list is popup and other forms. With sumo, you can enable embedded forms, popp forms, notification bars and scroll trigger forms with ease.

All you have to do is go straight and register your account on SUMOme, get yourself the plugin and you are good to go.

SUMOme, however, does not comes with many customization and powerful features you get in Optin monster or ConvertPlus, this is a beginner friendly approach to list building.

You can use SUMO me on blogger (BlogSpot) blogs too just like others above on the list.

Discover SUMOme >>

PopUp Domination


This popup form maker is giving insane results these days. The popup domination plugin has proven to increase leads and subscribers list by 400% overnight! That’s true!

Popup domination is a great plugin if you want the ease in making subscription forms. With it’s interactive form builder and lots of custom pre made templates, making popup forms is a breeze.

Exiting Features :-

Redirect Themes
Send traffic to sales and affiliate pages.

Countdown Themes
Create scarcity for your offers and boost conversions.

Exit PopUps
Show popup when visitors go to leave your website.

OnClick PopUps
Show popup when somebody clicks object or text.

PopUp Triggers
Show popup based on time, page views, scrolling the page and more.

A/B Testing
Split test your popups against each other to boost conversions futher.

See how well your popups are converting, including best pages, countries and devices.

Popup domination has been developed By people at incomediary and they have been using it since it’s development.

The plans start from $9/month and the interesting fact is you only pay for views, not features. That means that if your pop ups have been shown to only >10k people, you can use this plugin for $9 only.

Discover PopUp Domination >>

Icegram + Rainmaker


Every time i mention Icegram, a smile comes on my face. Don’t ask me, I don’t why. This plugin was the first plugin i ever used to build pop up and notification bars on here BforBloggers.

I highly recommend you Icegram if you want a top notch support and highly competitive marketing tools for growing your email list.

Pretty features include :-

  • Target visitors  
  • Exit intent
  • Custom branding
  • Full screen mode
  • Click & scroll trigger
  • Pre-made 100+ templates
  • Notification bar and slideins

The pro plan includes :-

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Geographical Targeting
  3. Optin Entry Animations
  4. Optin Exit Animations
  5. Interstitial
  6. Overlay
  7. Tab, Sidebar
  8. 24 premium themes
  9. Remote ( work on non WP sites)

I hope you did noticed that i wrote Icegram + rainmaker.

Rainmaker media is the parent company behind Icegram and the same name is allotted to their plugin as well.

With Icegram you can make extremely effective notification bars, sidebar forms, matts, pop ups and slideins.

Although the Icegram easily integrates with mailchimp, you can optionaly use the rainmaker plugin to collect email subscribers and automated the work flow emails.

Discover Icegram >>

How to Make a PopUp With OptinMonster

OptinMonster new pop up

Follow along this guide and you will have your popup form ready in no time.

STEP 1 : Creat An Account On OptinMonster

Before we make a popup, it’s compulsory to have an account on OptinMonster which will give you an API.

This API will help you connect your WordPress blog with cloud based optinmonster. Go ahead and sign up for OptinMonster. Select the plan that suits you the best.

Once you are done with sign-in up,  install the Official OptinMonster plugin from WordPress dashboard and enter your API key to connect.

STEP 2 : Start Building Your PopUp

Note that a premade  campaign is requires to make an optin form. Once you are done starting a campaign follow these steps.

Login to your OptinMonster dashboard and click on create new campaign button shown at the above right corner of the screen.

Select desirer optin form

The new window will show you a few different types of forms available as per your plan. Select the desired optin module. In this case, I have selected light box popup.


On the next screen, as shown above, you can customise your optin form to match your brand and campaign. Enter the title and the description/subtitle.

Turn pause button to publish

On the right corner above you will we that your campaign is currently paused. To activate your new opt in form, simply turn this button to publish mode and you are done.

The next step is integration.

Go live on your website

Turn the status but on to live. Your popup is live now.

If you have integrated with WordPress, you can simply control this via your own wordpress dashboard.nothing else is required. If you want to you use this form on other platforms as well, click on Any website button.

How to make a campaign on ThriveLeads 

follow along this guide to make a campaign and go live with thrive leads in a few easy steps.

Step 1 : Start a campaign

Thrive leads : step 1: click on campaign

Upon installing the plugin,  you will have to go to thrive leads section and click on Add New Button as shown above.

Add name of lead group

Name your lead group. This name is for your reference only and will help you to remember and differentiate between two or more lead groups you will make.

Click on new opt-in type

Click on new type of opt-in form button to select the type of form that suits you best. I like the lightbox and Slideins as they perform very well.

Select form type From thrive leads menu

Select the desired form you want to make and continue.

STEP 2 : Create A Form

Add opt-in form


Now you will have to setup a form that will help you to collect the emails of your visitors. Click on the Add button at the top right corner.

Create A New form


Click in create a form button to continue.

Name the new form

Name your new form. Again,  this name is for you to differentiate between two or more forms and gives no value to your audience give it any name you want.

Edit Form to trigger and collect

You can edit the form by clicking on the blue button as shown in the image above.

Select the trigger for pop-ups


Select the trigger for pop-ups to show on your site. The best trigger is exit intent and scroll percentage. I use to show pop-ups when user scrolls down to 75% of my blog.  You could do anywhere between 50%-80% for best results.


Once done, click on the display settings to make your form go live on your WordPress blog.

display-Button turn on


Then both the buttons to yes.

WordPress widget for thrive leads


Go to your WordPress widgets section and select the thrive leads widget.

Thrive leads widget settings


Select the less group you want to take live on your site and click on the save button.

That’s it! Your pop-ups are now live on your site.

Ways To Grow your mailing list

The best thing you can to make people sign up with their email, is giving them something in return.

This is known as “white-bribe” and this is an extremely effective technique.

You can offer your readers a free e-book,  a discount on a costly product , a free course and gifts etc. In exchange of their emails.

You can also ask them to share their problems with your and convince them that you can solve it. To connect with them further,  ask for their email address.

Make sure you use pop-ups. These forms have proven to grow lists with ease.

Lead generation can be done for growing your mailing list as well as for gaining a number of passive customers. Get the record of their contact information in a legal way and start your marketing strategy. Make sure your autoresponders are ready as soon as you generate a lead.

Other Methods To Collect Leads 

There are several other ways to collect Leeds other than WordPress plugins. One of the most effective ways is a customized landing page.

Also known as lead pages, the landing pages which are focused on compelling lead building strategy are best way to collect mails without showing a pop-up or slide in etc.

You would probably place the list builder form at the top kg the page below the header to make it as compelling as possible. Place a form at the bottom (footer) too.

You can make a lead page with the help of online tools like Leadpages Page builder.  ,Optimizepress Or Elementor

You should build your email list.Period.

Your email subscribers are your biggest asset after the organic traffic your are getting.

These people are eager to know more about your and your services. They believe you have something valuable for them.

Suppose your once subscriber converts into $10. If you have 1000 subscribers on your list, you could actually make $10000 a month as passive income.

All you have to do is create a couple of autoresponders mentioning your services first.

After these mails,  ask for the problems your readers are facing. Your emails subscribers will respond to you with their problems.

Now as soon as you get to know their problems, start to find a solution for that. If you have your own product which can be used to rectify those problems, promote them.

You can also get affiliated with related products that are best in Class and affordable. Promote thse products and you can get a commission out of it.

At last, you will be earning money as well as you will have a group of people who are trusting on you and these people are your biggest asset.

This is known as a marketing structure called “sales funnel”. This structure starts right after you generate a lead.

Other Ways to Generate More Leads

yup. There are many other ways you can generate more leads without having opt-in forms.

One of the most impressive ways is AI chat. I was using an AI chat module from Optinchat a few months back which is fully automated and works great.

By predefined questions and their answers,  you can virtually talk with your visitors and ask them to leave their email address. Make sure you checkout Optinchat.

I hope this guide has helped you with building your email list with ease.

Share this post on your favourite social media,  and if you face any problems with anything mentioned above, ask them in the comments section below.

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