About Aayush Bhaskar Verma

Hey BorBlogger,

I am Aayush Bhaskar Verma.

I am a so-called full-time blogger from India.

I started BforBloggers in 2017 and it was a drift of passion which took me to the blogging world. In October 2017, I was planning a start-up with two of my friends. I eventually made a website to promote and drive more work for us.

Initially, BforBloggers was started on blogger (Blogspot)  platform on 9 October 2017. As soon as traffic grew,  I shifted to WordPress on 1st December 2017, which happens to be my birthday too.

You can think of this blog as a self-gift to me. Anyways,  I was particularly blogging about making an online community. Having a prior knowledge of digital marketing and running an online business,  I knew it was a tough job making an online presence especially for a competitive niche like tech and all about blogging.

Once I was able to arrange a substantial amount of traffic I shifted my mind towards the content marketing. I keep experimenting with different themes, SEO titles, new tools and plugins. Nothing stops me from discovering new pieces of stuff that work for generating profit.

I take blogging as a help to my daily need. Not as a job or lifestyle. I suggest you, do the same.

Let’s see it this way,

You hate your 9-6 job because you have to do it daily even if you don’t want. Why? Because you need money to help you sustain in this growing world.

Now imaging you have become a full time blogger and you are earning a very good amount of money out of it.  One day,  google changes its algorithm and boom!  All your traffic is gone.

Imaging living in fear of loosing traffic,  getting hacked, loosing followers or not getting affiliate commissions.

You don’t want to look at your blog and say

” oh, again. I have to publish a post tomorrow and if didn’t do that,  I might loose my traffic, what about my readers, my mailing list, and my advertisers?  How will I handle them? It sucks! ”

Now back to the story –

I am learning PHP programming. WordPress and Online marketing are my love and I enjoy learning and playing with SEO and new marketing strategies.

Since the day MBA books have got themselves on my study table,  I have been an eager beaver to learn and teach as much as I could.

Anything you need to ask me, whether it is Becoming a contributor OR Any suggestions you would like to give or you need to know anything from me, feel free to Contact Me.

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The Blogging Mantra

If you started blogging just to Earn money and nothing more, my friend, ship has already sunk. With this mindset, you will never ever earn Real money. First of all change this MINDSET. Start to give your best. Never hesitate to give your most valuable techniques and skills,but yes don’t loose them all at once. Give you and your blog time. It’s all about time & patience unless some magic happens and at last, keep your audience engaged.

I make sure i provide you with the most recent, updated and Valuable Resources. Blogging on Bforbloggers is something i would love to do till the end of my life.