Hey Bforblogger,

I am Aayush Bhaskar Verma, you can call me Bhaskar.

I started BforBloggers in 2017 and it was a drift of passion which took me to the blogging world. In october 2017, I was planning a start-up with two of my friends. I eventually made A website to promote and drive more work for us.

I must confess, I Started A Blog, only for making money. I never new the true potential of blogging. The biggest breakthrough came when i got my first Mail check. That was of $4 and it made me go home.

I almost left the online world but then came another one, a $17 payment. That wasn’t for any Affiliate Marketing or Advertising campaign, it was a donation for helping a guy with his directory and robots.txt issues.

I saw the true side of what blogging is. This made me to pursue my career in blogging and make Bforbloggers a platform, where beginners will feel like home.

I am currently pursing MBA from Pune MBA institute and while studying for MBA,  I am learning Ethical coding.  WordPress is my love and I enjoy playing with PHP.

Anything you need to ask me,whether it is for help in installing tools,about web hosts,SEO,Content writing,guest Posts,Solutions,Becoming a contributor OR Any suggestions you would like to give or you need to know anything from me, feel free to Contact Me.

Also Join Bforbloggers Channel on Telegram to personally Connect with me & get latest offers and Updates.

The Blogging Mantra

If you started blogging just to Earn money and nothing more, my friend, ship has already sunk. With this mind set you will never ever earn Real money. First of all change this MIND SET. Start to give your best. Never hesitate to give your most valuable techniques and skills,but yes don’t loose them all at once. Give you and your blog time. It’s all about time & patience unless some magic happens and at last, keep your audience engaged.l with daily posts and fun,always be available to them through different modes.

I  make sure i provide you with the most recent,updated and Valuable Resources. Blogging on Bforbloggers is something i would love to do till the end of my life.


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