If you have been doing Affiliate Marketing, you may be aware of Link Cloaking. If Not, Here’s a quick Introduction :-


Generally, Affiliate programs  give you a link which is attached with your affiliate Id, ex – www.merchant.com/aff=12345.

Some merchant Marketplace like ShareAsale give a long link like – www.shareasale.com/click?=2344=?aff=2747#track=&aff=.

These links when disguised in your domain name with a redirection to the merchant’s original link is known as Link Cloaking.

Beautification, pretty links and good looking links, that’s a partial truth. Cloaking an Affiliate link makes a link prettier and easy to remember, But this procedure was made to particularly defend your links.

Over the internet you will find many articles related to link cloaking. They main Purposes of Affiliate link cloaking you will see are :-

  1. Making Links Prettier
  2. Branding
  3. Ease of Management


Main Reason Behind Link Cloaking

The main cause remains neglected. The whole purpose is to Protect your commissions from theft. It’s quite easy to remove your affiliate code from the link and add in someone else’s. This way, that person would get your commissions. Cloaking the link, you won’t disclose your affiliate ID, therefore it can’t be changed.

Injecting a malicious code into your WordPress isn’t a big task for a hacker. You have to keep it secure. WordPress Powers 29% of the internet and this popularity makes it the prime target for a large hoard of hackers.

More Reasons For Cloaking An Affiliate Link :-

1. Branding – When you cloak a link using a Link cloaker plugin or by uploading HTML/PHP landing pages, It Looks like www.yourdomain.com/go/merchant and this has your branding (your domain) and looks more appealing.

2. Making Prettier – While some(very few) Merchants would give you simple and beautiful links, Many will give you a Ugly and Very Spammie looking links, specially big Affiliate Programs Handlers like ShareAsale and Viglink.

These links are not very appealing and some people would never click on them because they look ugly and spammie.

Benefits Of Link Cloaking :-

3. Shortening And Management – Affiliate Links are the core for your earnings as an affiliate marketer and you need to keep them managed as well. Plugins like ThirstyAffiliates Helps To keep All your your Affiliated links at a single place.

Long links are often impossible to remember and cloaked links are easier to remember so that you can use them on the go.

4. Tracking – Plugins like ThirstyAffiliates Also helps to track the clicks on your links. This helps to keep record of which links performs better.

Final Words & Tips :-

One thing which I want to share, Cloaking and Keeping your Affiliate links in one placed will give you an important benefit in future:-

Whenever you get a better or high paying merchant to promote, you can easily find the link through the plugin and just replace the url. That’s it. You don’t have to find the articles and replace links manually.

The best thing to make your affiliate links secure and easy to manage is to use a link cloaking plugin for WordPress. ThirstyAffiliates Is a Plugin which Is the best Link cloaker for WordPress. Read ThirstyAffiliates Review

Link cloaking is something you should start doing as soon as possible.Make it your basic instinct.If you are not cloaking your links, eventually you will start Loosing all your affiliate commissions.

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