If you are planning to start a Blog This year or Already Did, you must be willing to earn money from it. You Must be thinking to Add Adsense on your blog But Do you know there is more than Adsense to Help you earn money from your blog?

Affiliate Marketing!

Yes, Affiliate Marketing. It’s far most the best way to earn “Great Money” From any blog of any niche.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Is A B2B Trade Module. Affiliate Marketing helps you earn commissions for the products you promote on your blog, social media, YouTube channel or even with friends.

How do we get Commissions?

It’s simple. You refer a product or service on your blog. Your viewers see the product. If they like they make a purchase and you get the referral fees or commission accordingly.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

At the moment your sign up for an Affiliate program you are provided with an unique affiliated link with an id assigned url. This id helps in tracking your sales driven for the merchants. You get commissions only if someone makes a purchase through these links.

(Link Example – MerchantName.com/af?=4456)

Is There any Alternative for Links?

Yes. Banners are available from almost all affiliate programs these days. They have your affiliated tracking URL pre-embedded in The HTML codes of their banners.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legal?

Absolutely. Their is nothing wrong in doing a business. Affiliate marketing is like an online business which helps to earn bloggers money and gives merchants New customers. However you may want to disclose it as per FTC Guidelines. Read FTC For Beginners here.

What money Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

Any Figure You can Think Of. Top bloggers earn a strong 8 figure Income out of their affiliate sale. While doing affiliate marketing you don’t count on Impressions or clicks to earn money. You get paid out of your strategy and manipulative Technique.

Where Can I Find Affiliate Programs?

I Have Already Published The list of Top 5 Affiliate Programs. Moreover if you want to join a merchant, simply google “Merchant Name + Affiliate Program ” and you may find your desired Affiliate Program ( If Available ).

What To Keep In Mind?

Affiliate Marketing Is one of the oldest form of earning revenue through websites. It totally depends upon the marketer’s own efforts. Practicing affiliate marketing fairly will reward you with money from $1 to $5000 per sale depending on the product, merchant and region you are trading.

Remember to select affiliate programs mostly in your targeted regions’s currency.  This will help you generate more revenue. For example if you receive the most traffic from India, then You may choose Indian merchants.

Best Practices

The most important thing you must do is – Never cheat your Readers. Cheating here isn’t about only doing frauds and scams. Cheating here can Be-

  • “Promoting Products you have never used”
  • “Promoting Products you don’t trust”
  • “Promoting Low quality services for High Commissions”
  • “Writing fake reviews without comprehension of original Service quality”

You Should Avoid such things.

The best Thing you can do is To-

“Always promote products and services you can trust upon”

Is Affiliate marketing A Hard Job To Do?

A Little Bit. It’s Not very easy to do affiliate marketing but with the flow of time and experience it will become easy. You have to put efforts towards selling your recommendations. You have to give people a valid reason to purchase what you are promoting. While endorsing a genuine product, try to be as manipulative as possible.

How do I select products to promote”

That Depends on your niche. For example a person with a fashion blog will promote cloths and shoes.
A person with a travelling blog will promote Online Traveling Agencies. You can Join ShareAsale or Viglink Affiliate programs For Vast list of Merchants in every Niche.

What are the fallbacks?

No Fallbacks. For years affiliate marketing is being practiced and  is still unbeaten. Their is no need to wait for impressions or clicks to earn money. You can earn money right from the first day. Read More In Making Money

Opinion & Tips 

Affiliate marketing is all about how you promote things. This include your writing skills, your marketing skills and your promotion techniques. Always take a trial before promoting a service on your blog.

You should definitely Try affiliate marketing And yes, did i mentioned that you can do affiliate marketing together with Adsense and other Ads Network? !! Read More in Advertisement.

You Also Need to have patience, specially in affiliate marketing. There is no such thing which will make you rich overnight. If you see a tittle like “How Richard Makes $$$ Online Overnight” Get back, It’s a Scam. Hmm.

There is so much to tell you about affiliate marketing like cookie, id and the parties and relationship where and on which affiliate marketing works but assuming you a beginner, i have already told you more than enough.

I Hope I have covered all your questions in this article about affiliate marketing and thus i want to hear about your experience with affiliate sales. Do share in comments section below.

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