Affilitizer : Best Chrome Extension For Affiliate Marketers

As an Affiliate Marketer if you are struggling with finding an affiliate program that is relevant to your niche and targeted audience, the Affilitizer is for you.

Affilitizer is a free chrome extension that gives you the ability to extract the information of affiliate programs whenever you search a query or keyword on google.

This can be an online service such as an online SaaS, software etc… Or this can be physical products sold through mega sores such as Amazon.

Affilitizer also mentions a merchant specific affiliate program and also includes the affiliate marketplaces such as Flexoffers.

It is fast and excellent performing chrome extension which works out of the box. It’s free to have and works pretty neat. No glitches and bugs.

Here’s how Affilitizer works,

#1 You enter a word, phrase or a merchant/brand name

Affilitizer first step: enter any keyword in google

#2 Google fetches the results and shows you the best results

Affilitizer step 2 : analyse results

#3 Here’s where affilitizer comes in action.

Affilitizer final demo

Just beside the very result on the SERP you can see the affilitizer logo.
This logo indicates that this brand/company has an affiliate program for you to join.

You can click on the logo to find out about the link of the affiliate program or the marketplace from where you can join this merchant and promote it.

In my case when i searched for Hostgator keyword the affilitizer showed me that i could join its affiliate program via CJ (commission junction).

result of Affilitizer for a keyword

However, it’s an incomplete result because Hostgator offer their referral program via impact radius too.

Why is it happening?

This is because affilitizer has an extremely large directory of various merchants and their affiliate programs and this record can sometimes take time to upgrade

Since Hostgator has recently switched to impact radius, we can hope to see that result soon enough on affilitizer too.

(Update :- It’s live and they have included impact radius and it works like a breeze!)

1-Click Affiliate Link Maker For Amazon And Ebay Affiliate Marketers.

If you are an Amazon associate or an eBay ambassador then you should be using this tool to make your life easier.

With the built in link builder and extractor you can create your affiliate link for promoting a product you are browsing at without going  to your Amazon/ebay affiliate dashboard.

This saves a lot of time particularly for Amazon associates because creating a referral link via Amazon associates dashboard is a very hectic task and requires a decent sort of time and effort.

Should you use Affilitizer ?

Definitely. The Affilitizer is free tool and gives you the best experience. It saves you a lot of time and of course, time is money.

The tool is an extension to chrome browser and works out of the box and requires no additional setup. You don’t have anything to loose and that’s why you need to give Affilitizer a try.

Checkout Affilitizer >>

If you happen to be an affiliate marketer who doesn’t enjoy browsing the internet and wasting time to find a single affiliate program, this one’s for you.

Share your experience with this awesome tool in the comments section below.

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