Keyword research and analysis is one thing you should be doing regularly. Not only keywords give you maximum exposure on search engines, they are highly profitable once targeted.

There are many SEO tools that allow you to do keyword research for free but sadly, they give you no or less information about beneficial aspects such as:-

  • PPC Value
  • Top URLs
  • Competition status
  • Correlating keywords

And many other things which you never know could benefit you and your blog. The main thing when we do when we perform a keyword research is a detailed analysis of how difficult it is to rank. We also look at the top blogs and websites that are ranking for a particular keyword. This is an important part of SEO.

In this post, to make your life easier I will tell you about 5 most beginner friendly Keyword research tools that allow you to do a comprehensive keyword analysis so that you can generate highly targeted organic traffic for your blog.


KWFinder is a free tool brought to you by mangools SEO. Mangools give you a set of tools to check your backlinks, monitor your competition and find profitable keywords.

5 Beginner Friendly Keyword Research Tools SEO  On page SEO

KWFinder is a separate tool that only helps you to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty and easy to rank. The tool is very simple to use and the dashboard is very neat and beginner friendly. The backend is powerful enough to give you quality keywords with every detailed statistics such as:-

  • search volume
  • top URLs
  • overall difficulties

From the reports section, you can easily analyze how many sites are ranking for a particular keyword and how authoritative they are. KWFinder also comes with a keyword suggestion tool.

With the free account, you can perform up to 5 keyword analysis in 24 hours. You don’t need a credit card to use the free account.

Checkout KWFinder

2. LongTailPro

LongTailPro is the best keyword research tool for digital marketers. As the name says itself, longtailpro shows you the best keywords available for a particular query or question.

A few weeks back i started using this tool and i am highly impressed with the backend and frontend both. The results are easy to go through and LSI graphs are shown the right way.

LongTaiPro is a must have tool for any SEO or online marketer. Performing a keyword research with this tool is an easy task.

The video above shows you how you can use the keyword planer tool by longtailpro to analyse the ranking possibilities.

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3. SEMrush

The SEMrush is a competitive analysis and site audit SEO tool that helps you to better understand the structure of your site.

5 Beginner Friendly Keyword Research Tools SEO  On page SEO


However, the SEMrush comes with an awesome tool called “keyword magic tool”. The keyword magic tool by SEMrush shows you beyond the normal results by analyzing the current condition of the search volume.

Finding LSI keywords with this tool is very easy. you can find more details about keyword magic tool in this SEMrush review.

This tool is basically a combined workshop for every keyword planning task you can imagine. some features like segmentation and SERPs features help you to better manage your workflow.

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4. UberSuggest

I use this tool quite frequently. The ubersuggest is a keyword planner tool acquired and marketed by Neil Patel. This tool doesn’t have any paid version.

5 Beginner Friendly Keyword Research Tools SEO  On page SEO

On a weekly basis, you can use ubersuggest to perform keyword research for generating new content ideas specifically in your niche. This tool also shows you the PPC and search volume of the result keywords.

It also filters the negative phrases and shows you the seasonality and trends over time along with the search volume.

Ubersuggest is a great option for finding suggestion based long tail keyword and competitive analysis for beginners.

Checkout Ubersuggest>>

5. Google keyword planner

No one can neglect google’s keyword planner tool due to its ease of use and accuracy.

the keyword planner by Google is specifically based on finding profitable keywords which are at the same time easy to rank.

If you ever want to rank in a local region, look nowhere else than the keyword planner. Its free to use and requires to money at all. you can use the google keyword planner with your Google account for free.

This web-based tool shows you everything like PPC value, search density, trends, suggestions and much more.

Every tool listed above has extra features as well so make sure you check out those before settling on one. the best thing you can do is to signup for a trial account of two tools and compare them both. Analyze how they perform and suit your business and blog.

Checkout google keyword planner>>

If you are having difficulties selecting the best tool out of all the five, here’s my opinion to assist you.

Choose LongTailPro if you are a beginner and unfamiliar with the Competitive side of keyword planning. LongTailPro has a set of tutorial videos to help you guide through the whole procedure.

Choose KWFinder if you want to have a free tool that helps you out with teaching the basics. This tool has the most beginner friendly dashboard I have ever seen.

If you want to have a robust tool that helps you go beyond keyword research, use SEMrush.

Every tool in this list is ideal for every niche. No matter if you are a small blogger or a product website, you can use these tools to perform an in-depth keyword analysis every time you plan to write a new post.

Targeting long tail keywords is a good practice but make sure you are using the LSI keywords as well. Make a routine of doing keyword research regularly and stick to it.

At the end, it is all about content. Your content should be targeted to a focus keyword for sure, but that dosen’t mean while doing so you forget about it’s quality and readability.

Share your favourite tool in the comments section below and tell us about any other tool you would like us to know about.

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