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Twitter has grown into a large community of microblogging lovers. It has been an active and tremendously growing social media platform since it’s development.

If you are a WordPress user, you can add a CTT (click to tweet) box inside your posts for making it easier to share your posts on Twitter.

I often use a clear call-to-action message at the end of some of my best articles like this one.

Here is an example of how these boxes look:

These call-to-actions are the beautifully created click to tweet message boxes that make it easier for my readers to tweet my articles on their twitter account.

There are quite a bunch of plugins which let you add these messages in your posts, but not all of them give you the best experience.

Below listed are some of the tested CTT plugins for WordPress you can use right away

1. Click To Tweet By Clicktotweet.com

I use This plugin for creating that attractive click to tweet boxes here at BforBloggers. This an official plugin by Clicktotweet.com and works with almost every theme.

click to tweet plugin

You can easily create a click to tweet boxes right from WordPress editor. It takes two minutes and is dead simple to use.

This is most simple yet powerful plugin for adding any kind of CTT box in your blog posts.

There are more than 15 themes you can choose from. Just add the text and your twitter profile username, and you are good to go.

Discover The CTT Plugin

2. Social Warfare

Besides the fact that Social warfare is a sharing module plugin, it comes with a CTT module too.

social warfare plugin

With social warfare, you can create simple and elegant click to tweet boxes without leaving your WordPress editor.

It also shows you a live preview of how it will look once it gets live on the site.

Discover Social Warfare

3. Better Click To Tweets

The better click to tweet plugin has been the best and highest rated CTT plugin of all time.

better click to tweet plugin


It is regularly updated with new themes and fonts and is super easy to use.

It allows you to add a click to tweet module to your images as well. Moreover, its an extremely user-friendly plugin and works out of the box.

Configure it with your twitter account and it works like a charm.

Discover Better CTT Plugin

4. TweetShare Click To Tweet

This plugin will be handy for you if you are too choosy to select a layout.

tweetshare CTT plugin

The TweetShare plugin is a powerful plugin which comes with a URL shortener and extremely customizable CTT boxes module.

You can also use this plugin for adding inline CTT boxes with custom messages.

With this plugin, you can also track the performance of your CTT boxes.

Discover More About this Plugin

5. Awesome click to tweet

This plugin is a little bit different from the other on the list.

Awesome click to tweet plugin

The Awesome Click To Tweet plugin is the most customizable and feature-packed CTT plugin for WordPress.

You can add CTT boxes that are animated and interactive with the help of this plugin.

While other plugins don’t allow a custom text for buttons, this plugin does that too.

The Awesome Click To Tweet is the most powerful CTT plugin for WordPress

Discover More About This Plugin

That’s it. I hope the click to tweet plugins on this list is doing great for you. I look forward to hearing your experience in the comments section below.

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