Cloaking your affiliate links has a number of benefits.

Not only it saves your hard earned affiliate marketing commission, but it also makes your links pretty good looking and branded.

From the last year, I have been seriously cloaking my affiliate links.

Doing so has saved me a lot of time and money. Every time I write a post, I don’t have to worry about adding my affiliate links to monetize my content. Neither I need to remember the links, nor I have to log in to my affiliate marketplace to copy and paste these links into my content.

In this post, I will show you 3 WordPress plugins, I tried and tested to cloak my affiliate links.

1. ThirstyAffiliates

3 Best Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress [Tried & Tested] WordPress  plugins

From the last year, I have been using ThristyAffiliates plugin to cloak and manage all of my affiliate and non-affiliate links on BforBloggers.

This plugin is actually the best in the market when it comes to features and performance. With ThirstyAffiliates, I don’t need to leave my WordPress editor to find my links. All I need to do is to click on the plugin icon in the editor itself, search for affiliate link by entering the name and that’s it.

ThirstyAffiliate also has a pro version with which you can easily automate the whole process.

With the automation add-on for ThirstyAffiliates, you can assign a keyword for every affiliate link you create. All you have to do is allot a keyword to a specific link and ThirstyAffiliates plugin will link that keyword to your affiliate link. It also helps you to attach affiliate links to images.

Let’s say I have a post on best WordPress plugins for performance optimization and in it, I have written about WP Rocket plugin. I have cloaked my affiliate link to WP rocket with ThirstyAffiliates and I have also assigned this plugin to add a link to this keyword. Now, every time I write the word WP Rocket anywhere on my blog, My affiliate link will be attached to it without any effort.

I’m truly impressed with this plugin. The best part of this plugin is it’s very beginner friendly and easy to use. I have made a tutorial on how to cloak your links with ThirstyAffiliate Plugin, you should check that out if you choose this particular plugin.

Download ThirstyAffiliates Plugin

2. Pretty Links

3 Best Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress [Tried & Tested] WordPress  plugins

Another simple plugin you can use to cloak links on your WordPress site is Pretty Links.

This plugin is much small when it comes to features but for beginners, its super user-friendly.

Pretty Links shortens and makes your affiliate links look pretty (as it already says). You don’t get specific features such as categorization and slug management but if you just need a quick way to make your link management system easier, pretty links work great.

This is a plug and plays plugin, you don’t need to do anything after activating it on your WordPress blog. Simply enter your long, ugly link and give a name to it and you are good to go.

Discover Pretty Links Plugin for WordPress

3. Easy Affiliate Links

3 Best Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress [Tried & Tested] WordPress  plugins

Far by, if you keep adding features such as slug selection and smart management aside, The Easy Affiliate Links plugin is the best option.

Easy Affiliate Links is a simple plugin which lets you:-

  • Create shortlinks
  • Leave specific links uncloaked for Amazon Associates
  • Assign categories to your links
  • Tracking of clicks
  • Import & Export affiliate links from XML

The plugin is actively monitored and if you are looking for any specific features, just ask the developer and he might add it in future!

Discover Easy Affiliate Links Plugin

Bonus (+1) Auto Affiliate Links

Although this list was about the 3 plugins, I couldn’t keep myself from adding this particular plugin that is Auto Affiliate Links.

Auto Affiliate Links, as the name suggests is one simple plugin that automatically cloaks adds the affiliate links to your posts and pages without you doing anything. The best part, It’s free to use!

3 Best Link Cloaking Plugins For WordPress [Tried & Tested] WordPress  plugins

If you prefer to select your keywords and add your links manually, you can do this by going to “Auto Affiliate Links” menu in your administration panel. In General Settings you can set if you want the links to be cloaked, if you want them to be added into content your homepage or not and several other options as well.

If you use Clickbank, ShareASale, Ebay associates, Amazon associates, Evanto Marketplace, Commision Junction and Walmart to earn money from affiliate marketing, this plugin will become a boon for you. If you use any or every given network, this plugin will automatically convert your keywords into affiliate hyperlinks. You don’t have to worry about anything once you finish the setup.

Discover Auto Affiliate Links

Do share your favorite link cloaking plugin in the comments section below. Share this post with your WordPress & Affiliate Marketer buddies.


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