SEO is a little tough on beginners. The lack of knowledge and experience deprive them of being a self served SEO executive.

You can spend thousands of dollars on seo agencies who still drive minimum or low results.

However, with right tools and techniques you can easily manage your site’s SEO job with lowest possible investment.

Sounds interesting right?

It is, and in this post to make your life easier i have compiled a list of 5 SEO tools that can level up your SEM (search engine marketing) as organic traffic.

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Investing in SEO tools is an important task but the more important part is investing in right tools. Choose a tool from the list and give me a wave through the contact form or email me at admin[at] and we shall work on your SEO project.

1. SEMrush


This tool is really insane. The SEMrush is an Seo tools that helps you with every possible problems and optimization process you may imagine.

The tool is outstanding for spying on your competitor’s traffic, keyword, high SERPs articles and backlinks. This also includes a complete site audit and a comprehensive keyword research.

You can use SEMrush to check how their posts are shared on social media, how they drive traffic, if the traffic is paid and what are the highest grossing PPC keywords.

Use SEMrush and find out the issue and the one thing they lack. Use this data and outrank your fellow contemporaries.

SEMrush also includes keyword Magic tool, deep site audit, LSI keyword data and PPC days driven from most valuable site bids. This tool is guaranteed to give you highly effective data that will assist your success.

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2. NinjaOutreach


Probably the best outreach and influencer digging tool out there,  the Ninjaoutreach helps you to find top influencers in your niche.

With this tool you can choose to automate the outreach process helping you to reduce the load. The tool is an outstanding marketing tool for bloggers as well as companies who believe in influencing marketing.


Ninjaoutreach comes with CRM and blogger search engine you can use to grow your connection and links to help you generate massive leads.

Automate a series of emails with the utmost respect and personalization possible. This will help you to generate authoritative backlinks faster.

Backlink are highly effective to gain huger rankings faster and Ninjaoutreach helps you to take your link building strategy to a whole new level.

Not only NinjaOutreach helps you to gain links,  this tools helps you to make better connection that help you to grow faster.

Juts imaging you launched a new product like a plugin and you need to find customers and to find customers you will have to connect with top influencers in your niche who will then promote this plugin, of course it’s worth it.

That’s one of the many ways NinjaOutreach helps you to build your business the easy and effective way.

This tools also comes with an chrome extension and pretty much succeeds the buzzSUMO with a competitive low price.

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3. Pingdom


Nobody like a slow website, neither Google nor users. A website slower than 2-3 seconds is most likely to get abandoned. A good loading speed is lower than 2 seconds. To fix this, first you have to measure it.

But how will you measure this?  with Pingdom!

Not only pingdom shows you the loading speed of your webpage but i also gives you a complete query report which shows the exact amount of requested data or bandwidth and time taken to render.

Of course it’s a little bit overwhelming for beginners but you should be able to figure it out in a week or so.

An alternative to pingdom is Gtmetrix.

Note- Google will release it’s new algorithm update in July 2018 which will make mobile friendly page’s speed an official ranking factor.

4. WP Rich Snippets


Rich snippets have been consistently lived by users, as well as the search engines.

In recent times,  more than 60%of the people look for the yellow start ratings on a search result snippet !wrote deciding to click on it.

The rich snippets gives the user an idea of what the review is all about.  Now you must be using rich snippets on your blog too and this plugin will help you do it.

WP rich snippets makes it very easy to add the required schema markup language required to make your articles rich snippets ready.

Follow up my tutorial on how to start with schema markup for your blog posts. It’s very easy and quick to add this data and you don’t need to have any coding skills.

Also note that the rich snippets aren’t affecting the search engine rankings currently but they do increase the CTR which is on the favour side if SEO.

Check out WP Rich Snippets >>

5. Google Analytics


No SEO companion and correlating list is complete without Google Analytics. How will you increase your SERPs without knowing about your audience?

You need to keep them coming back,  you need to work on reducing the bounce rate,  you need to followup the behavior of your readers and to do all of that, it takes a lot of time with a comprehensive Analytical Report.

Google Analytics helps you to track your highest rankings keywords and the value of your page as well as the traffic. This is something you will need to keep your visitors coming back.

To use Google Analytics ,all you need is a gmail account.  Go setup your Google Analytics now>

I suggest you to read : the difference between jetpack and google Analytics

6. UberSuggest


No matter how much money we acquire, we always want something for free.

That’s why I have added ubersuggest in this list. With Neil Patel’s new keyword research tool, you can find high PPC and less competitive keywords for free.  Use this tool to find long tail keywords that will help you rank higher.

Ubersuggest also shows you the search volume along with the similar or correlating keywords you can use to rank further more with ease. You can also choose a specific targeted region if you want to rank in a particular country faster.

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7. Ryte


Ryte makes it way with other tools included here because this analysis web based software is a must to have tool for SEO geeks.

Ryte easily integrates with Google Search console and once done, you can choose to enable a month or weekly or even a daily website analysis to check for SEO errors on your site.

This tool also shows you server side problems and crawling problems along with the URL filter, single page deep analysis and more.

What is The most awesome part of Ryte ? You can do all of this analysis on your competitor’s website too!  You can find out errors and beneficial aspects of your competitions website. Use this data to outrank them!

Discover Ryte >>(free trial)

8. Long Tail Pro

If you haven’t done any keyword research yet,  then this tool is the best place to start.


Being highly beginner friendly, Long tail pro helps you to find long tail keywords that are easier to rank and acquire a high PPC value. Make use of long tail pro to discover new as well as LSI keywords that will help your articles as well as your blog for multiple keywords.

This tool also shows you every detail like competition, volume and correlating keywords.

I have managed to get you an exclusive free trial and 30% off on long tail pro.

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Up-to you – I’d like to know which tool you would like to add in this list and what tool you loved the most. Share your views in the comment section below.

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