Blogging Tips – What to keep in mind

While writing a blog, you should keep in mind Some important things like Keeping your content original. This is very important in order drive genuine traffic to your blog.

Keeping your content original works as a SEO
tool for you, I’ll tell you how.

Now think of two blogs named A and B.
Both belong to same niche of fitness. Now A writes an article about abs first and published it. Then The B blog copied and published it.

Now think over who will be ranked above whom?
Of course A. Because it was original and people along with search engines noticed it first.

 Now the next thing to keep in mind that not to fool around your audience by providing links,Ads and banners which are irrelevant to your content. Never promote Companies, people,etc. Who doesn’t belong to your niche, It really pisses your audience off.

Find out what people want through surveys and analytical tools. Give your audience something they desperately want.

Target 🎯 Your specific zone first and starting working towards its interest. Different people want different things in different ways, and we cannot give all of us at once. So the key strategy is to start working from a particular point, a particular zone, and them move ahead to second one. Don’t mix them all.

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