You might fall out of your bed as I am going to share with the biggest update, no the biggest transformation of ConvertKit since it’s launch.

The biggest change for ConvertKit! Below is the exact E-mail I received form ConvertKit (being an affiliate)a few minutes ago:

From Alexis,

By now, I hope you know how much my team and I care about you as not only an affiliate of ConvertKit, but also as a creator. With that, I have some pretty big news to share.

Nathan Barry, our CEO, literally just came off stage at Craft + Commerce 2018, our annual event we are hosting this weekend to bring creators like you together to learn from and connect with a great community.

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In his keynote, Nathan just changed everything. In fact, he announced the end of ConvertKit.

In the next breath, he announced the exciting start of something new.

The biggest change in the history of ConvertKit

As a creator, I’m sure you’ve experienced the tension between time spent creating and time spent turning what you create into money that supports your lifestyle. I know I have! Because without the money, there is no way to earn a living doing work you love.

The ConvertKit team is no different.

This is personal for us because, while we are a software company, we’re creators too.

So yeah, we could think of our job as just making software but we’d rather think of our job more holistically– as helping you earn a living.

And that’s our mission: We exist to help creators like you earn a living doing work you care about.

And with our mission in mind, here are the rules we live by:

  • Will this help creators earn a living?
  • Always invest in building world-class software
  • Help you spend less time on email, more time on creating
  • Education is our marketing strategy
  • We will always be 100% independent
  • We invest our profits in things that matter
  • We care more

With these rules, well, ConvertKit as a name just doesn’t do them justice. ConvertKit doesn’t capture the mission we’re on to serve you.

We needed a new name. Something that captures how much we care about you and how much you care about serving your audience.

So we’re taking a second chance on a first impression.


As of today, ConvertKit is now Seva.

Pronounced Seh-vah, it means “selfless service,” and we can’t imagine a more appropriate description for how you’re building your business or what we’re here to do as a company.

Here’s a link to Nathan explaining Seva and this big change for our company.

We’re playing a different game because we believe the future belongs to creators. The creators who believe selfless service is how we all win. And we’re all in on building that future together.

Along with the announcement of the end of ConvertKit and the beginning of Seva, we also released 3 new features today. For an inside look at those, click here.

You may be wondering how this affects you and how you promote Seva.

As we are in the rebrand stage, I will be emailing you updates on each stage. For now, our homepage and URL will stay – so it won’t affect your affiliate links.

We will be making the full switch to the Seva brand in the weeks to come. Here’s a link to a dropbox with our new logo along with a few graphics showcasing that ConvertKit is now Seva in case you’d like to share it with your community!

Today is day one all over again. And we couldn’t be more excited to keep serving you.

That was quite a lot of information – Whew! It feels incredible to finally be able to share all this with you!

Please let me know if you have any questions – I am here to make this rebrand transition as easy as possible for you.

Keep creating,


Adetailedd video on that below:

If you live outside of India, I want to share a glossary with you. Seva is a Hindi word. We do seva for elders, for poor and for anyone deprived of community benefit. I feel extremely joyful to see such a big change in Convertkit.

What are your thoughts on this? share them in the comments section below.

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