Cornerstones in general language is the Important feature which works as a foundation of anything.But,

In SEO and Online Marketing, A cornerstone content is something which gives you a boost over your own achievements.

What Are Cornerstone Articles

A cornerstone Content is generally a Well written, Well Displayed, Reflecting your Aim, Business, possibilities and are extremely well handled.

These are those articles which you definitely want to show off to other bloggers and your readers. A cornerstone content gives the best experience to your readers and you’re proud of them.

Upon my experience with cornerstone content, I can tell you they work a hell lot for SEO. As soon as i did marked one of articles as a cornerstone content, The article appears right below to my Blog’s keyword result.

The cornerstone articles must be well written and must give a great and complete information about the topic is is written upon. Make sure you have 0 errors in your cornerstones.

These articles are generally contain a great number of helpful links  and guide. They explain each and everything to help the reader with utmost precision.

You may collect useful links, great number of useful links and transform it into a complete content tableture which provides every article over the web in a compressed zone for easier access.

Alternatively, you may write an ultimate article and generally an ultimate article is nor less than 5000 words, and mark this as a cornerstone article. This ultimate article can be of any topic.


Not That Easy Boy,

We’ll if you think it’s that easy, you are wrong. A cornerstone marked article :-

  1. Needs to be regularly Updated
  2. Must provide best and updated info.
  3. Must be cleat from any writing error
  4. Easily Navigable
  5. Productive and comprehensive
  6. greatly Publicised
  7. Must be Unique and Original
  8. Must Not be Over Monetized [with Ads]

You have to keep an eye on how they perform. To make it simple, Yoast SEO plugin provides ans optin to mark articles and pages as “cornerstone content” so that they are easily accessible through WP Dashboard.

You also have to make sure you don’t mark articles as cornerstones unnecessarily.

Now what are you waiting for, go ahead and start writing your next article while keeping in mind this cornerstone theory. Do tell me how you look at cornerstones and also your experience with them.

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