Here is the first post of this wonderful blogging course. In this post, you will be starting from the scratch along with me, so that you don’t make a mistake, not even in your dreams.

You can read the introduction post here to know more about this course.

This is the first step you need to follow. We will start a blog today and you are going to do this with the help of my great guide on how to start a blog step by step.





Note :- The tutorial on how to start a blog with SiteGround hosting contains the steps to install WordPress through C-Panel. Most of the hosts provide C-panel and you can choose any host you want.

However, my recommendations will be :-


These are some of the reliable hosts which will help you in long run. For more information on web hosts,

Read :- What is Web Hosting


Read :- What is the difference between domain & web hosting

I have prepared some offers for you to save money. Look at the deal on Cloudways , interserver and bluehost. This will help you save great money.

Any host you choose apart from the listed ones,  make sure you get PHP 7+ and a good support. Also look for Nginix rather than Apache. I strongly recommend you follow these essential factors.

Choosing A Domain Name:-

The Domain Name is your brand name. Choose it wisely.

Here are some tips to help you choose a great domain name:-

1. Choose a short and easy to remember name. The domain name should be easy remember and should be short.

Like if i say Bforbloggers.com on a phone call to you, you can easily spell that right?

What if I say cosmosmetiera.com on a phone call, I don’t think any Harvard university student would get it in one run. It should be easy to pronounce as well.

2. Relevant to your niche. Although this isn’t necessary, it still provides a little SEO boost for your blog.

Like for blogging, i chose Bforbloggers but some choose their names too like Matthew woodward did.

3. Don’t choose a domain with hyphens in it. This has a negative impact on SEO. Simple yet unique is something we want.

4.Buy Domains from a reputed and trustworthy registrar like uniregistry, NameCheap, BigRock & Godaddy.


If you want to choose a host which will give you a Free domain with hosting, you may choose :-

  1. Bluehost
  2. Dreamhost
Both of them will give you a domain name for free. Also look for a plan which is a year or more longer, that will save you some big money.

If you have any questions or concerns or a confusion,  do let me now in the comments.

Now once you have started your own blog, you should move on to the next chapter that is :-


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