Back in An Article we talked about Every detail of Web Hosting. Now its time for you to understand “what is Domain Name & The difference between Domain Name & Web Hosting”

Domain Name

Domain Name is the Address of your website. Like is An Address where Bforbloggers Blog can be found. Just like you find your friend on his Address.

Basically Domain name was introduced to get rid of I.P. Addresses. An IP looks like 637.73.828.82. Technically it is impossible to remember I.P Addresses for every specific website.

Domain Names are pointed towards these I.P. Addresses allotted to servers of the particular website. This helps us to remember web addresses more easily.

When you hit in the address bar of your web browser, they are converted into Computer’s language, The Numbers! These numbers are which we call I.P. Address.

Q. How to Point A Domain to my website?

Through NameSevers. Nameservers are alloted to you when you purchase a web hosting plan. You have to change the original name server with the one alloted to you by the host.

First, Buy A Domain.After you have purchased a domain name, You will be alloted a control panel to access the DNS and Other Details.

You will have to find a term “NAMESERVERS” In your control panel and change it to the desired nameserver. You may have to wait several hours for this process to be completed successfully.

Best Companies – NameCheap,1&1 and BigRock.

Free Domain With Hosting – Bluehost, Ipage & Inmotion

Difference Between Domain Name & Web Hosting

Domain Names aren’t same as web hosting. But ho are they different?

Domain Name is your Address. Web Hosting is where you live. Your domain is pointed to your server (given by the host) and your server is where your website resides.

You are actually buying a plot as – Web Host
Where you wil visit the plot – Domain Name

Q. Can We purchase them separately?

Yes. While some web host give you a free domain name, some don’t. In such cases you need to purchase them through registrar like Godaddy
& NameCheap. You may follow the above process to point them to your host.

Q. Is web Hosting Required for Making A Website?

Yes. Without web hosing you cannot make your blog or website online. Purchasing a domain is the first step and the second is purchasing a web hosting form Top hosts like these.

Q. Is Domain Enough for Making Website?

No. You have to buy a web hosting. Then only you will be able to store your website details on web server to make it accessible through WWW.

Q. Is purchasing a domain One time process?

No. You have to renew it every year generally.You can do this by loging into your domain registrar Panel.

Q. How to select best Web hosts?

Don’t worry. We have prepared and extensive lost of top rated and best WordPress hosts. Read : ” How to select And what are the best web hosts?”

Q. I don’t completely Understand what a Web Host is and what they do?

Again, don’t worry. We have already published an Article specially for beginners to help them under stand what is a web hosting. Read : “What is Web Hosting: Beginners comprehension

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