Facebook Ads works extremely well when it comes to promotion. It is almost as competitive as AdSense when it comes to bringing paid traffic to any business.This post might shock you if you promote cryptocurrencies using Facebook Ads.


While Working on our Next Facebook Ads Tutorial we found that facebook has stopped displaying Ads of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

In fact, Facebook ads will not approve any endorsement relevant to any financial products.

Have a look at their message we received when one of my colleague sent an Ad regarding the promotion of Bitcoins Tutorial :-

Facebook Ads Has Stopped Advertising Cryptocurrencies Bforbloggers Exclusive  facebook ads

It was already rumoured a few weeks ago, Since Facebook desperately needs to ensure users satisfaction, they won’t open the Ads For any financial services promotion.

Whome does it matter?

This would hurt you if you were actively receiving traffic from Facebook as an online marketer or a blogger.

Facebook Drives 30% of this blog’s overall traffic and we know how much it would affect if Facebook stops supporting us.

What’s Next?

Digital markets will have a simple option to promote their Facebook page through third party advertisement networks. This includes AdSense, HilltopAds, Propeller Ads and Adbuff.

Our Aim was to inform you as soon as possible so you could move on to a better alternative. We have suggest some alternatives above and you choose form them for a better experience with less hassle.

We receive various request for tutorials regarding facebook Ads and we are sincerely working on it. In coming days we will schedule a series of posts which will help beginners to be better markter.

Facebook ads have a great reach to targeted audience. If you have a business, then look forward to invest a little time and money into Facebook Ads. This will surely boost your traffic in a week.

Do let us know your views and experience regarding this New Facebook ads policy.

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