A while ago, I wrote a post on how to join the Fiverr affiliate program.

A little bit of engagement was happening on this post and there were a couple of comments that needed to be answered.

Here’s what most of the people were complaining of:-

I have a Fiverr affiliate account and when I check my payment and want to withdraw ($140 in my account at the moment ) this message pops up ” Not Eligible For Payment!”I have $355 in balance.
When I tried to click payment request, it shows you didn’t eligible for payment threshold. How to payout?
I have a question. Have you gotten payment from Fiverr affiliates before? And how much did you cash out?
Hi, I have $120 in my Fiverr affiliate account & I have added Payoneer as my payment method. But when I click payment request it gives me following error. Please check the screenshot by visiting link: I have also emailed them but Haven’t received any reply yet. Can you please help me.

People argued they weren’t paid their commission and Fiverr affiliate support didn’t respond to their queries.

Since any affiliate promotes a merchant for commissions, it’s the most important part to worry about if the commission withdrawal system isn’t working. That made me catch up with some official information on this issue.

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Well, you don’t need to worry about it, your commissions aren’t going anywhere.

I reached out to my Fiverr affiliate manager Maxim and here’s the email I received:-

Maxim(Fiverr Affiliates)

Hi Aayush,

I would like to introduce myself, My name is Max and I’ll be your affiliate manager at Fiverr. And sorry that we replied you so late. Our system has undergone a serious upgrade. During the upgrade period, we were unable to answer client emails. From now on we’ll be able to reply in a massively faster way.

Regarding your payouts question, I can’t update you with some generalization about why some affiliates can’t withdraw their earnings. Each payment case is individual. Generally, the procedure works the following way:

1) FDBs are generated in a frame of a certain month, let’s say April 2018.
2) In May 2018 the payments are calculated and checked by our Fraud department.
3) Then, each affiliate eligible for payment and who reached a threshold of $100, should claim his payment by clicking the big green button “Request Payment” visible in the right-up corner of affiliate interface.
3) Qualified FDBs, are paid according to the current CPA rates in the beginning of June 2018.

Hope it help.

Best regards,

Maxim Pilenko: Affiliate manager

He made it very clear that it isn’t the payment system’s fault. There are many (more than hundreds) of Fiverr affiliate and hence, every individual has to go through their own share of commission withdrawal procedure.

For example, as Maxim said, I am promoting Fiverr here on BforBloggers and you bought a service from any given Fiverr freelancer in the month of May.

Now, Fiverr affiliate system will record this purchase and then you will undergo a few verification procedures such as:-

First, Fiverr will check if the user was FTB (the first time buyer) or not. If not, you won’t earn anything.

Second, If that was a first-time buyer, you will be given a commission based on the fixed percentage and exact rates are shown below-


And after this, the third procedure is to go through the Fraud department checks that will ensure the purchase was not meant to miss guide Fiverr affiliate tracking system and was genuine.

All of this will take a total of 2 months.

That’s why the affiliate commission you earned in the month of May will be paid you in In the month of July or inthe first week of the August. You must reach a threshold of $100 to receive the commission as Fiverr Affiliate.

You can reach out to your own affiliate manager since the support system is now resumed and you can expect a faster response from Fiverr.

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2 thoughts on “Fiverr Affiliate Commission Withdrawal Not Working? Here’s Why

  1. I have got a mail from fiverr affiliates that they made a payment but it is now more than 24 hours passed I haven’t received my earning.I had selected payoneer at the time of payment request.Can you please tell me how much time it will take?

    1. Hi Hamad,

      It would take about 48 hours before fiverr sends and Payoneer receives the payment. After that, it would take another 24-48 hours to Payoneer for sending payments into your bank account. Rest assured, I speak from experience and this happens every time.

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