Internet marketing is competitive. Okay, it’s really competitive.

To make sure you don’t get yourself left behind, especially when you are a beginner, you need to follow others.

The “others” I’m talking about here are established, professionals. Not some rookie idiots!

The Main Key Of Following Popular Professional Marketers

It gives you the knowledge and an Idea but more specifically, it gives you the roadmap. Studying them for a while can give you a map and pinpoints on where you need to focus to get quality results.

Moreover, When you are new to the business, it’s better to follow rather than keep on experimenting with the ides you don’t know will work or not.

It feels great when you have a solid foundation which can be sued straight from the start to execute your structure.

Here, the foundation should be considered as these established personalities, Of course in your niche. Since my niche is focused on Internet marketing along with other blog related stuff, We will be looking into internet marketing niche today.

let’s check out what we have in this post.

Straight Walkthrough To Matthew Woodward & Robbie Richards’ s Ranking Strategies

Here’s a disclaimer – No, this isn’t a versus post. I’ve no interest in doing so and I hope you won’t speculate anything or something all by yourself.

Matthew Woodward 

If you ever search for a term related to SEO, this guy should have caught your eyes.

With a long share of long, engaging, informative and quality drove content, Matthew Woodward Shows you the best available SEO strategies, Affiliate, and internet marketing ideas and tips which are highly effective and easy to render by your brain.

He’s an established internet marketer with an extremely powerful SEO and marketing agency running. Matthew, since his blog came online has received various prestigious awards and of course a lot of testimonials which clearly define his rate of success and passion towards his work.

Make sure you check out his agency (free SEO analysis) and SEO tutorials on his blog.

Robbie Richards

Robbie is a self-taught SEO, PPC and all about internet and search engine marketing specialist. He has an immense pleasure in breaking down hard to go through tools with extensive tutorials.

He has worked with several fortune 500 companies where performed tasks on social/email marketing project.

As his experience grew from months from years, he grasped a lot of knowledge and proven a repeatable set of experiments which were sure to deliver results for anyone who did it the way he did.

On his blog, he writes in-depth reviews, tutorials, strategic step by step guides and expert roundups which are easy to understand and actionable.

What These Two Marketers Have In Common

SEO. Both of them have an advanced approach to SEO. Matthew takes a step ahead and focuses on affiliate marketing as well.

I have been an admirer of both of them. Before I came to Robbie’s blog, I never thought someone could actually write another, on the same level of tutorial that is both beginner-friendly deliver advanced results.

Anyways, if you’ll take a close look at these two blogs and their posts you will notice a sense of competitiveness and structural differences.

Matthew’s Post & Robbie’s Post: The Showdown

To make this practical, I need you to head over to Google(.com) and search for the term “SEMrush Review“.

The top 5 results as from are from:-

  1. Robbie Richards
  2. Matthew Woodward
  3. G2Crowd
  4. ShoutMeLoud
  5. Bloggerspassion


Now, The most user-friendly review from all of the top 5 results is from ShoutMeLoud. Its short and to-the-point and the author Harsh Agrawal discusses the points that are necessary and a user should know.


That review is not a comprehensive one. It focuses on his experience and harsh doesn’t explain the Exact steps a user should take to get the most out of it.

That’s why it ranks below Robbie and Matthew Woodward’s review.

Anyways, we are here to discuss these two marketers.

If you’ll look into the image again, You’ll notice something funny yet strategic.

Have a look at the results again:-

Following These Two Marketers Can Help Your Online Success Online Marketing  Success Inspiration

Yes. You’re right.

Matthew did the review back in 2016, that’s nearly a couple of years after when Robbie did his review on SEMrush in 2014.

So, while Robbie had shown 34 ways to level up your SEM, Matthew just doubled it.

He included 34 more, that is 68 ways to take yours to next level.

Think of yourself as the Google user. You searched for the SEMrush review and these two results came on the top.

If you are smart enough, you’ll look to both of them. While Matthew has an edge here with his header decorated with his awards and a bio do impressive, The user won’t bounce so easily. That is called a Smart Move.

If you think it’s a coincidence, have a look at this:-

Following These Two Marketers Can Help Your Online Success Online Marketing  Success Inspiration

Robbie did the same!

When Matthew converted his giveaway winner announcement post into the Ahrefs review, He included 25 ways to dig with it.

In Robbie’s latest post, The Ahrefs Review, he included 50+ ways one could use the tool. That’s double the number of ways Matthew wrote about. Similar to what Matthew did with his SEMrush review with Robbie’s post in respect.

Constant Competition analysis and exact retention of right data followed by its execution is the key to online success and I believe these two fellas have it.

This small example shows what most of the newbies and even some advanced marketer and bloggers are not doing and certainly lack.

The level of competition makes user attention a valuable aspect. You need to work on keeping your bounce rate as low as possible and on the same pitch, engagement high.

This small example is sufficient enough to make up your mind. If you don’t want to stick to outdated strategies of actionable content on SEO and internet marketing, you should be following them.

Do This With Your Competition

If your competition is far above from your current level That is, if you are a newbie then what you need to do is this.

Scale up your content and follow what is working for them.

Your competition knows what they are doing and what’s working including what’s not.

Make use of it. Try to outrank them while playing in their own game. All you need to do is the art and power of creating unique and actionable content.

Your articles should help people with what they need. If your competition is lacking it, do it before anyone else.

Follow them rather than living in envy. You should be linking to them rather than ignoring their content.

Competition is necessary for growth. When your business gets a new competitor you have a whole new level of strategies and tactics to tackle with. Make use of them in a way no one gets bitter. The competitive relationships help more than any other thing in expanding online businesses and it’s growth.

That’s it. From here, make sure you have changed your approach and mindset towards your competition(s).

P.S. This small post is power packed with great brains, obviously, comments will be necessary

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