FTC Disclosure – A Beginners Guide

FTC Disclosure For Bforbloggers Readers


If you are in An Affiliate Business and practice Affiliate marketing then You should take time to write about you affiliation as per FTC Disclosure Guidelines.

FTC Disclosure or Federal Trade Commission is a legal Authority as per which you need to disclose your nature of relationship with the merchants you promote or endorse.

As per the FTC Disclosure guidelines, if you receive any kind of profit including :-

  • Credits
  • Cash payment
  • offers
  • free gifts
  • discounted rates
  • demo products
And more.
They are a legal authority and you need to follow their procedures if you :-
  • Trade with merchants based in US
  • Trade in US currency ($)
  • Promote US based brand
  • receive payments overseas


An Example Of FTC Disclosure –
We are professionals and we receive commissions for promoting this merchant”
This only increases transparency between you and your reader and helps you gain more loyal readers.You may have a look upon Our FTC Disclosure for more relevance.
Note :- This is just and informative post and not a legal document. Follow the official guidelines at FTC’s official Documentation.

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