How To Accept Bitcoin Payments On A WordPress Blog (Step By Step)

Are you a WordPress user who wants to use Bitcoins to receive payments ?


This post is for you.

In This in depth step by step tutorial, i will show you how easy it is to get payed with bitcoins. I will also share with you some tips on bitcoins in between.

You can use this method for getting Donations or for selling products. However, with this guide, you can accept any type of payment in bitcoins. Also note that this procedure will work for any CMS like WordPress, Blogspot etc. You only need to have access to the HTML editor.

Step 1 : Register For Bitpay 

Before we add the payment button, you need to have a Bitpay account without which you can’t trade in bitcoins.

First, Let’s get you registered on Bitpay. Click Here and open the Bitpay window to creat your free account.

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Step 1 : register on bitpay

Click on Start Now. The next screen appears will ask you to select either business account or a simple Bitpay card account. You should choose a business account.

Step 2 : select business_account

On the next screen you are required to fill in the details. Fill all the blanks carefully and click on submit button. Recheck to be sure.

Step 3: enter bitpay person information

The next screen will ask you to verify your email address. This is an important step for you to make sure you receive the payments. This step along with the other two steps are required to verify your account.

Step 4: confirm bitpay email

Note :- A Bitcoin wallet is required to receive the settlements as bitcoins. If you are living in india, you need to make sure you have a wallet because  currently you can not receive the payments in your bank account.

If you want to change your currency from bitcoin to litecoin or etherum etc., you should use an exchange wallet like Changelly. Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange with the favorable rates and the fairest terms.

Step 2 : Create A Payment Button 

After you have complete the verification process successfully, you are ready to go. Click on the menu bar and open the payments tool option.

Step 5: go to payment tools

The next screen will ask you to select a preferred tool for accepting payments, i prefer you to choose the button as it looks good and loads fast. It also needs a lesser manual work than email invoice.

Step 6: select payment buttons

Upon choosing the button , you will have to choose how you want to receive the payments, either in bitcoins or dollars. Since we are talking about Bitcoins, I will select “BTC“.

Step 7: create a bitcoin button now

I also suggest you add your email in the lower section highlighted so that you receive an confirmation email Eveytime a purchase or donation is made. Also remember to set the default price as your desired amount.

Step 8 : copy the code and paste in HTML

Now head on and scroll the page down and copy the HTML code generated. Just beside the the area were the code is, you will see a preview of how your button will look. The button is beautiful but Don’t forget to copy the code.

Step 3 : Add The Code 

With that code in hand, we are good to go. Login to your WordPress dashboard and locate the page/post you want to place the button on. This could be the donations page, or the products page etc.

Pro tip- you can also place the button on a sidebar widget if you are using this for receiving donations.

Note :- Paste the code in the text editor rather than the visual editor. The code won’t work in visual editor.

That was the fun part. Now let’s talk about a serious issue.

Why You Shouldn’t Receive Bitcoins In WordPress

Although I showed you the easy way for receiving Bitcoins in WordPress but you need to know about a few very important issues you will face if you chose to do this.

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS and its popularity makes it a prime target for pishers and hackers.

Bitcoins are still very much vulnerable and by accepting bitcoins payments you open various vulnerabilities especially for WordPress.

I strongly suggest you use this method as it is comparatively more secure and quite easy to use. I always urge my readers to use as lesser plugins as possible.

My advice will remain that you use the payment services like payoneer and PayPal to receive payments. Bitcoins are becoming popular but they are certainly not a replacement for the fiat money.

Outside USA you cannot convert Bitcoins into fiat money. Moreover, you can only convert upto a $100 a month and $500 annually with Bitpay.

I hope this tutorial has helped you. Do remember to share your experience with us and share this post on twitter.

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