Google webmasters, formerly known as the google search console is a must to have free tool for anyone who is looking to make their web presence.

This Free tool provides you with detailed information on various aspects of your blog’s performance on the google search engine.

Search console also provides you with a set of tools you can use to make sure you stay search engine friendly. Registration on the search console is necessary to submit your sitemap. It is an highly recommended  tool for every blogger.

How to Access The Google Search Console's New BETA Version SEO  Google search console BETA

Recently google launched a new BETA version of their complete search engine webmasters solution “Google search console”.

In This Post i will tell you how you can access the BETA version before others. I will also show a glimpse of the new UI. We will also discuss a few drawbacks of the BETA Version.

I got a mail from Google stating that my webmasters tool panel have been updated with the new one,  however I had already experienced it for my other domains. I thought to publish this quick guide so that you don’t have to wait for the mail.

That being said, let’s move ahead. 

The New Search console looks like :-

How to Access The Google Search Console's New BETA Version SEO  Google search console BETA

This is a mobile friendly version of search console which was missing in the older version. We had to access the same panel on mobile as well as on desktops.

How to access the new version?

To feel the new version of google search console, simply go to the link :-

Replace “yourdomain” with the real domain name you own. Make sure you have verified your ownership in the search console.

This version is neat and clean and provides a shot cut data see through. Now one thing which is good enough to write about is the UI.

The User interface in the new search console is great and feels pretty beginner friendly. A newbie won’t face any issue in understanding the sections and features of the console.

Quick options on pages such as submit a sitemap, impressions count, clicks count etc. Are really great to have. These will hep you to get quick stats of how you perform in the search results.


The UI is good, The short cuts are good, Navigation is Easy but the new search console is still a BETA version. It lacks the key components such as Structured Data, Robots.txt editor, fetch as google, Rich cards, URL remover and more.

While a beginner would surely stick to the new version, a novice would surely look for the older version.

Meanwhile, you can always access to the older version by clicking on the sidebar and at the bottom, you may see an option to go back at the older version.

Major features lack so the new version is of technically no use. Major options are redirected to the older version making it difficult to manage between. However,  google has informed new features are going to be added soon enough. This will also include some new and fresh tools to make the webmasters panke irresistible.

Now go ahead and start discovering the whole new search console brought to you by google.  We will surely see what features are added and how many days it will take to.

This was a quick insight on the BETA google search console. Do share your experience in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Access The Google Search Console’s New BETA Version

  1. I got my hands on new search console today, and I don’t feel like switching yet given that there are no major features included

    The UI is better than before but it still needs a lot of work.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

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