We know that internal linking is important for SEO and helps our posts to rank on the first pages of SERPs, but what if I tell you that you could actually automate the whole internal linking through your posts? Did that wow you? What if I told you-you could also automate the external linking, for example adding your cloaked affiliate links in your posts too? Sounds amazing right?

A few days back I came up with SEO Smartlink business plugin which helps it’s users to automate internal linking in WordPress. But unfortunately, this plugin is a premium option and is very expensive for any beginner and that’s why I will share with you a free plugin which helps you to link both internal and external links automatically.

The Auto SEO Links Plugin

This plugin is the one I’m using since last 2 years and it works seamlessly. The Auto SEO Links plugin will help you to attach hyperlinks to predefined anchor tags with ease. It works on the frontend and your links are added once you publish a post.

How To Setup The Auto SEO Links plugin

Step 1 : Install The Plugin WordPress Plugin Repo

Auto SEO Links

Follow this step by step guide and install the Auto SEO Links Plugin. Once you have installed and activated this plugin, move on to the next step.

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Step 2 : Setting Up Internal Linking rules

After installing the plugin, you can go to the Auto SEO links settings by going to your WordPress dashboard’s sidebar.


Click on the SEO links menu.


Next, you need to add a keyword for adding a link. For example, I have a review post of WPX hosting and I want to automate it’s linking every time I write WPX hosting anytime in any of my posts. So what will I do is enter the word WPX hosting in Keyword section, and then I will select the internal post option from the drop-down menu.


After that, I will select The review post I want to link to and hit the action button located on the right side. that’s it. Now the plugin will scan through all of my posts that have been published, and if it finds any word matching to my keyword, it will turn that into an SEO link.

How To Setup External Linking Rules :

This plugin supports the automated external linking rule out of the box so we don’t have to do any further configuration to do this.


Simply go to the SEO Links section and while in the link type option, select external URL. In the link, target enters the URL of the external page you want to connect the keyword with. That’s it. The plugin will automatically link the targeted keyword the external URL you set.


The beauty of this plugin is that it doesn’t take too much time to set up. This plugin puts the link data in your database so it won’t affect the loading speed of your blog. You can also set up configuration and post plugin delete rules by going to the plugin options.

I Hope this plugin is working for you as smoothly as it is working for me.

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