Outreaching has been a key point behind the success of many online companies, Blogs and software products.

Lots of content marketing with link building by outreaching can elevate your single dollar company into a million dollar brand.

Nevertheless, If you starting a blog for driving traffic to sell your product(s) or if it will be a medium for you to earn your livelihood income, link building is a strategy to run for.

Of course getting backlink(s) to your website is not as easy as it was a decade ago when someone would generously link back to your posts rather than sharing it on social networking sites.

However, there are a bunch of tools that can prove to be a game changer for your future link building tactics.

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One of those tools is NinjaOutreach.

NinjaOutreach has been among the key tools I have been using to get backlinks from High DA sites like WPX hosting and Hub share.

Today, I want to share a quick overview of how easy it is to

  1. Know About Top Influencers, Companies and brands.
  2. Discover new high profile bloggers.
  3. Outreaching to them
  4. Finding trending topics, blogs and websites

And other powerful features for growing your blog. You can check out the full features list as well.

All right then lets kick start our link building outreach process.

Finding The RIGHT Influencers

The very important step to make sure you get high DA and relevant backlinks is finding and connecting with right people. The right people are the one who had been already established in your niche, hence the most important thing is, connect with your niche.

I Will assume that your product and website are newly launched and you are beginning to further scale your business.


The first step you have to take is finding the perfect blogger or influencers in your niche whom you can reach to promote your product.

The Web is a very large database and of course, we need to have a tool to that and the best of the best tool is NinjaOutreach.

Let’s take a ride of NinjaOutreach,

Login to your NinjaOutreach dashboard. Here is a search screen where you have to enter a keyword that best suits and relates to your niche and product category.


Filter out the search results for showing only the top influencers and bloggers. Since we don’t need the companies and brands, we don’t have to look at these results.


Once you have gone through a couple of pages, pick at least 5 of some top influencers that have a huge readership and follower base.

Make sure they have a great relationship with your niche and maximum DA ( Domain Authority)  and PA (Page Authority).


NinjaOutreach automatically displays these stats and hence is the reason I use and recommend this tool.

Now once you have the filtered data on your screen, Export it as a spreadsheet. Keep this spreadsheet open in a new window as we will need this for our further link building steps.

Outreach (With Tactical Rules)

Outreach Them While keeping These Strategies and Rules in mind

Since your product is relatively new in the market, you have to be very disciplined while writing an email to outreach your selected influencers.

It’s a necessary step to write an email while reaching out to an influencer or blogger.

In a nutshell, there are a few rules you need to know before outreaching and they are:-

  1. No Self-promotion before the introduction
  2. Personalisation at its peak
  3. Professional outlook preparation
  4. Discipline and Humbleness
  5. Value-centric relationship
  6. Effective long-term bond mindset

I have prepared each and every rule with utmost magical essence you need to create a mark on every outreach you do.

Before any of the outreach emails, you write, make sure they are personalized and unique.

If you are writing the same emails again and again for everyone, you might end up getting no results at all.

That’s why, for the best results, make sure you are creating a one hundred percent personalized and unique emails for each and every blogger and influencer you reach.

This will indicate the importance and professionalism while keeping the conversation and outreaching process simple yet effective.

For making the process more easier, the tool NinjaOutreach lets you automate the outreach system with personalized emails with ease.

The Main Point – Overall, this section means that the first outreach should be done for introduction and relationship building purposes only.

Ask For The Backlink (At The Right Time)

Now once a foundation is built with effective introductory outreaching, we need to ask for a simple backlink from the most relevant article or webpage they (the bloggers and influencers) have.

This sounds dead simple.

But these people who have built their business and website piece by piece day and night are busy, very very busy.

So, how will they give your request the time it takes?

Needless to say, I will show you the best way to do so. From here onwards, read the paragraphs carefully and concentrate for a while.

Since these established influencers are very much obsessive with creating powerful content, they are likely to spend their most of the time on creating valuable content.

Before you ask for a backlink from them, observe their content publishing pattern for a while.

It will take time depending on the frequency of their post updates, it should not take more than a week since most of them maintain a frequency of 2 posts a week.

Once you have noted down their publishing time and frequency, you have to hit the nail by an email just before a day or two they publish their next content.

It’s all strategic link building and no guesswork. You have noted down their frequency and time since most of these bloggers have a fixed routine with a schedule of their editorial calendars.

The Right Content That Deserves The Backlink(s)

You have to reach them with a humble email with a link to the best piece of the content you could ever create.

Your content should be an incredible piece of irresistible work that’s highly relevant to your fellow influencers.

This content should be:-

  • Original
  • Informative
  • Long Form
  • Interactive
  • Niche relative of course
  • SEO & Readability optimized

Why I wrote SEO Optimized Anyway?

That’s simple.

These top influencers would give you a backlink only and only when they find it profitable for “their” business as well.

DoFollow Outbound links affect the SEO and the link to your website from the influencing/Authoritative websites should be a DoFollow for the sake of passing link juice.

None of them would link to you if you are having a non-SEO friendly article since, it will affect their posts’ ranks (in the long run, repeatable process).

An SEO Optimized article that deserves a backlink from authoritative sites has:-

These 9 tips for an SEO optimized articles should assist you when you are going to write your next article.

Content Creation For Outreaching

Of of the many ways an outreaching tool like NinjaOutreach helps us is by giving us the data ideal for creating an outstanding piece of content.


For doing this, there are a few simple steps as follows:-

  1. Search for a keyword
  2. Ninja outreach will show you the most shared content
  3. Find the most engaging one of them
  4. Read the whole post
  5. Pick out the flaws and errors
  6. Work on the errors and And use it to curate your own content
  7. Write a masterpiece no one can compete with (especially your competitors)

Find the most engaging content and analyze a few possible factors such as the keyword density and writing style of the author.


It may be that the passive voice for a particular topic works very well for engagement or it may happen that images are contributing to more shares and links. Who knows what will work, its all about experiments!

Using a proper outreach tool like NinjaOutreach with a couple of SEO Tools will give maximum opportunities for creating a content that will drive traffic which is organic and most importantly the content that builds links and relationships.

It’s only and only and only your content that can give you backlink unless and until you create a heart throbbing business level product.

Your primary focus should be creating a piece of content that has everything a reader could ask for.

It should be informative, readable, should solve the users’ problems and so on.

People on the search engines are looking for solutions and answers so the best thing can do for both you and the people is “write”.

Write in a way that people fall in love with your content. As long as the users are getting satisfied, search engines and typically google will reward you with utmost care and exposure.

Keep in mind that you have to target long tail keywords at first, the main keywords will come through as a reward.

Optimize your articles for SEO and make them easy to digest and comprehend and put these articles upfront when you outreach for the backlink.

That’s it. You won’t certainly waste your time reading about the stuff you don’t have to worry about, so grab yourself a NinjaOutreach Free account, and start building links on a whole new level.

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  1. Long Tail Keywords and SEO Tools are very helpful for any bloggers. Competitors research (relevant niche) is also an important part for link building.

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