How to Earn More Money from CPM Ads |Detailed Explanation

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The one of the best ways to earn money “if you have a consistent and good traffic” is by Placing CPM Add on your Blog/Website. I think you all know about CPM and CPC Ads Right?

CPM Ads are Great to earn money as you Get money for every 1000 impressions you get, not by only clicks.

Today We are about to discuss About how to earn money and maximize it by applying Better techniques for CPM Ads. So let’s Dive into it!

The Above Ad (Might not be visible some times)is an Example of A CPM Ad

So by CPM Ads, it is quite easy to earn money of you have a good traffic and you follow the instructions I gave you below. As soon as you palce the Ad codes on your Blog/Website You will start getting Paid Ads from Advertisers. These are paid Ads so you get paid No matter if the person click on it or leave it. For Every 1000 Impressions made you get a fixed amount likely to be from $1 to $10.

Now it’s time for some key points /Instructions:-

Positioning is very important to maximize your earning from CPM Ads. For best results and highest earnings it is always best to place the Ad Right at top of the page and between some posts where readers reach the most and the Ads are visible without much scrolling.

               Using JavaScript-Dump the Iframe

I can tell you something which is based in my personal experience which is about using JavaScript and Iframe. I got great results using JavaScript rather than using Iframe. This is because JavaScript is flexible and provider different structure and visibility on different platform devices like Desktops and Mobiles giving more impression count.

                   Try to get more organic traffic

Remember impressions are only created when a trust worthy visitors visits your blog, not every visitor creates an impression but yes, majority of these will make an impression if they are organic,i mean they If They are driven from Search Engines.

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The banner will take you to Chitika An Instant Approval CPM Ad Network. It’s an offer banner not an Ad.

So I hope you will be earning some good  amount of money 💵 , why not to share your experience with me in the comment section below!!

Don’t forget to share this with your friends! Till then stay tuned!!

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