How To Install Plugins From WordPress Dashboard : Step By Step

This is just an another guide to help you install a plugin in WordPress.

I post about many plugins and related tutorials and more will be coming every single day and that’s why I thought to create my own article rather than to redirect you to any other blog to help you install a plugin.

There are three easy steps involved in this procedure but before that, let me give you a small introduction of what a plugin is :-

“A plugin extends the functionality of WordPress”

The plugins are a simple bunch of codes which help you get rid of manual coding just for adding, for example a search box!

Of course you can do the same without plugins if you know how to play with codes but WordPress is a platform for all and what makes it so powerful that 30% of the world choose it is Plugins.

There is a plugin for WordPress to do Almost Anything you can imagine. Only sky is the limit.

That being Said, Here Is your step by step procedure to install plugins ln WordPress:-

Step 1 :-

Step 1 : click on plugin option in sidebar


Log in to your WordPress dashboard. Open up the sidebar and click on the plugins icon as shown in the picture.

Step 2 :-

Step 2 : go to plugins click add new

Hit the Add New button and look for the plugin you want to install. Use the search bar and type a keyword, for example speed or SEO.

Step 3 :-

Step 3 : click on install and activate

Locate the plugin and hit that install button. Let the installation process run and wait for a couple of seconds. Once you see the blue Activate button, hit that too to activate the plugin’s functionality.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the plugins and you are good to go.

Also note that not every plugin is available on WordPress plugin repository.

There are high quality plugins available from premium stores like CodeCanyon and My Theme Shop.

They will give you a ZIP file and you have to upload it manually by clicking on the upload button located just above the search bar.

Do remember, Never upload a plugin from a generic or cheap store/developer. It can cause you serious trouble such as security vulnerabilities.

Code Canyon is usually recommended for getting premium plugins.

I hope you didn’t face any problems while installing a plugin with this guide. Do remember to share and comment. For more curious people, here are my handpicked articles for you to read next :-

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