How to Make Your Blog Ad Ready & Professional looking | Part 1

Hey bforblogger, this is Bhaskar,

Today I am gonna tell you about some of the most essential things you need to Make your blog look professional and Advertisement Ready.

This is an uncategorised but an important part of my Blog makeover series. (know More)

This is a complete beginner to professional guide and we will discuss every thing from Setting up a domain to SEO and post optimizations.

For making your blog more like of a professional one, there are a few tips, tools and methods which you need to have for sure, so don’t skip on these and make sure you follow each and every word carefully.

If you have any question or suggestions, you can ask me directly through social media or comment section below.

Now let’s dive right into it!!

The Essentials:-

Learn How to Select Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Buying a custom domain
In order make your mark on your audience it is very important that you buy a domain* name relevant or same as your blog’s title. This will make sure your audience notice you every time they look upon their search bar. Don’t use those free domain name even when you start your blog, because the Search engines will get confused and might not be able to crawl your blog if you change your domain* address after a while,like a month or two.
*Get a domain for free 
If you are serious about blogging then you must be willing to Buy A Web hosting plan for hosting your blog, In this case, don’t buy a domain name separately form any other registrar, It will be better for you to buy hosting from bluehost because they are officially recommended by WordPress, Comparatively Cheap and Give you a Free Domain name of your choice. with each and every hosting plan, either cheap or premium.
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Try Custom themes and Design your blog
Custom designs&themes for your blog make it different from other blogs in terms of quality,look, improves Navigation and Attracts Audience.
  Using* custom themes and also make your blog Search engine optimizatied and Improves possibility for getting AdSense Approval.
*You can also use Free custom themes from websites like Gooyabi templates But it is suggested to buy a theme in order to remove credits.

The best Design & Makeovers company 

I Have Analysed between some Blog and website design ,logo and makeover companies and found 99designs to be the best. They have given me best value for my money and gave me my Custom logo at a discounted rate from other sites.
You can also get these services of themes,logos etc. On fiverr.

Start to Write | Straight to The Topics
Don’t Start with An Introduction letter Type posts, Or The benefits stating posts. Put all of these topics in the About Page. People usually ignore these type of posts and take you as a rookie in the field. Start from the main Topics According to your niche.Be Careful and Read thrice your posts in review mode before publishing them to be sure they are free from any error.
Don’t write and publish your posts in a hurry. It is very important that you provide your best content without any error and mistake. People always share the content which are of highest quality.

The Next post will be telling you more About Developing and Making your blog Advertisement Ready.

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