How to Make Your Blog Ad Ready & Professional looking | Part 2


Today we will be discussing upon essentials on How to make your blogs Advertisement Ready, so that whenever you apply for an Ad network, you will have never to face regection, and get instantly approved for services like AdSense.

Fill Up your Blog
Before Applying for AdSense, or infolinks, be sure you fill up your blog with at least  30-50 post. This is gonna take time and effort but you have to do this before applying or your chance of getting rejected are very high.
Choose AdSense Ready themes
Either you are buying or Using free themes, be sure your use Adsense ready or SEO ready Themes for your blog or website. websites with having space redefined for Adsense or are Search engine optimized have a high chance of getting approved.
BE SURE to Add your own Logo 
This is again a very important aspect to ensure and increase the percentage of getting approved from any Ad Network. Blogs or website with no logos are generally considered as low on quality,temporary and spammie.
You can get a custom logo made at a very low and minimal price from websites like 99designs.
Prepare and publish Pages like
Prepare and publish the pages like Privacy policy, Contact us,Disclaimer,Site Map and About.
Privacy policy and contact us pages are Super important in order to get Approved for AdSense. Without These two Pages, their is almost  0% chance that you will be approved.
*Life Hacks

Start using Laptops, Rather than using Mobiles for blogging. This will help you to make your blogging experience fun. It is a very hard job of writing blog posts through smartphones even with large screens. I have Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, Still i can never dream of writing a post through it. I always prefer my Dell Laptop 💻.

#Most of the professionals Use Kinsta & WPengine (Link directly to discounted personal plan) for hosting their website. kinsta is powerd by google cloud and supports turbocharged Servers.

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