How To Prevent Publishing Of Duplicate E-mail And Feed Content In WordPress

To be said more specifically,

How to Stop Jetpack from sending the whole Content to Email Subscribers

(As well as duplicate content in the feed)

Jetpack is a featured loaded plugin which provides a single option for various functioning. This includes :-

  1. Share buttons
  2. Automated publicize
  3. Email Optin Forms
  4. Syndicate subscriptions
  5. Statistics
  6. Related Content
And Much More. But this plugin often carries little bugs which are sometimes big enough to worry about.


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In this post i will show you how you can stop the jetpack plugin from sending your complete articles to your email subscribers. At the end, This will also help you to get rid of the duplicate content which are published on syndicate networks (feedburner etc.).

Q. Why Do you need to stop this activity?

As a beginner you might think that if your feeds show the whole text of your article on syndicate networks and emails, your subscribers will get a better experience and your conversions will go up.

Well, that isn’t the truth.

Showing the full content will result in content theft and eventually go the content farming extent. You might never know, but the feeds are stealing your content this way. You will face a loss of visitors because they don’t have to come to your blog to read the whole post.

As far as SEO is concerned, this hurts your ranking. Searching are strictly against plagiarism. Overall, this is a situation you must overcome.

Below are the steps to prevent jetpack from sending the full feed :-



Log on to your WordPress dashboard. Then go to the settings menu situated in the sidebar. Here you will find the Reading settings. Open that.

How to prevent duplicate feed and email content

In The next screen you will see the basic reading settings for WordPress. This page includes an option

“For each article in the feed show”

How to prevent duplicate feed and email content


In this option, click on the summary button. This means to change the full post selection into the Summary. After doing this, everything should work without any further action.


Now the Emails that jetpack sends on every publication will turn into :-

How to prevent duplicate feed and email content

Excerpts. This will force the receiver to visit your blog to read the whole post.

Additionally, the syndication feeds like feedburner will also show the excerpts instead of the whole post. At the end, the feed will show a Read More button.

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I hope this guide has helped you to overcome the issue successfully, in case you are still having the problem, reach us in the comments section or contact us page.


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