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A Complete In-Depth Guide On How To Rank First In Search Engine Results – “Tools To Content ” Everything

What You see as your Dream Blog? Is it The One which Ranks First In Search Engine Results? Then you Are Digging The Right Place.
Here is the complete Guide On How to Correctly Optimize Your “Articles” to Make them appear At the Top.
This Article Is Backed By SEO Article. Prefer To Read It Before This.

Content :-
Length – Content Is King we Often say, But there Is a Myth In Industry about it’s Length. You will find Many Articles Stating To write Articles Above 1500 Words. I Myself Wrote many Time about this, although Content Length Isn’t The Only Thing You Need to Focus.  Keep The Quality Standard High. Make it A Whole Source of Information so your readers don’t Have To Go Anywhere else. Extend where you can. Don’t Add Unnecessary Words.

Prefer Writing In-Steps Articles –
What we do when we hear about a Complex Analytical Tool for WordPress , Or when we hear about Installing and setting up of Breadcrumbs (Navxt) ? Even installing Plugins and themes in WordPress is a stressing Task for Beginners. They tend to Find “In-steps” articles for better understanding. Explaining them with Step-By-Step Guide will Dramatically Increase Your Website engagement and Ratings. “The more Helpful an Article is, the More it will get Successful”

*Note – Google Also “Features” Articles in Top position which are written with Detailed In-Steps.
Also remember to Put Images Respective to the Steps involved. See My Siteground Sign-up Post .

Faster you Write, The Better you Receive –
Always try to find what’s coming up next in your niche. Think upon How your readers are gonna find it? It should be You, be the first one (or at least try) to Write About Newly launched Services ,tools and products. Help your readers find the best one Other than what’s trending in the market.  This will help you rank at the top of the google search Results. Like bforbloggers Did when i wrote the article “Top 5 mistakes every New blogger Does“. Or About CDNs.

How to rank first in search engine results

How to rank first in search engine results

Consistency –
Search Engines have a great Respect for Blogs that are consistent and provides fresh content. Schedule your posts on a fixed time either once in a week or Twice in a month and so on. Update your ping list or use tools like ping-o-matic. Always keep updating your previous articles with new resources and methods. Delete low quality posts and Keep your Audience targeted to your best articles.

Research Keywords –
Use tools like SEMrush to help you analyse what’s best keyword for your content. SEMrush also helps you With providing Data about what your Competitor is doing to increase traffic. This is like a Ninja data. something completely Different from your regular SEO tools. Keywords trigger your article and on several Things like its density, quality and value related to keywords, google ranks the articles.

*I suggest New Bloggers to start using lesser competitive keyword in the beginnings to help their blog getting significant presence over the web. Higher the competition, lower the traffic for new blogs. You cannot stand infornt of established bloggers in your niche with high value keywords.

Use log tail keywords –
“Only for Blogs” –  if You are running a blog then you must use long tail keywords like I use for ex. What is CDN – Why is it necessary Or  Blog Makeover Series. This ranks bforbloggers 1st In Results of Bing as well as google, Yahoo etc.
For Websites – Use simple and short keywords, prefer using 3 or more keywords Relevant to the content. Use SEMrush For Competition Analysis and Keywords research.

InterLink –
Interlinks boost up your SEO, Interlinking your articles will provide better navigation and Content Integrations  to your audience, so they don’t have to roam around your site looking for the relevant details. This helps to Decrease your Bounce Rate.

Insert Outbound Links –
Outbound links a.k.a External Links Are Just Great And one of the most beneficial Techniques to implement In your Blog posts. External links no only Helps search engine to show your posts in Relevant keyword search but it also helps you to create Relationship with other bloggers. Yes, we do notice when you mention us in your articles and We feel glad. Similarly you will do when someone links yours.

Images are different from text in case you don’t know yet. Engines can’t crawl them based like they Do the text. So what helps them? Alt text and Tittle Text.
Always add your keyword as the Alt and title text. This helps google to easy understand what your images are about.
For example: my viglink Review

Smushing Images in WordPress

Google always focus in user friendly Sites which load Faster. With images having large size your site will load A little bit slower but we know “Every millisecond Counts”.
For Decreasing the Image file size with ease use WpSmush. This plugin for WordPress Automatically Decreases file size On every upload.
Add Images – Try to Add Images on every Articles, Of course It isn’t necessary but it do effects the SEO Slightly because you won’t be appearing in Image Results. Moreover I have Tested both of them, and every time engagement on the image attached article was more.

Analyse –
Recently i Came through Ryte, It’s an Insight and Analytical tool which provides In-depth and Detailed information on the status, indexability, user experience, server uptimes, Errors, suggestions, issues and More. You can also connect it with google analytics and Webmaster.
*You can also Checkout details about your Competition website with ryte.

Analysing helps you to understand what your users do when they land in your specific page, what they look most for, where do they come from, what device do they use, the particular time you are mostly getting views, Bounce Rates and clicks etc.
Click here to check if your Site has errors, problems or is Indexable or not.
Use this data to plan your posting time, provide relevant articles, better reach and error corrections. Remember, analysing will help you keep going in long run.

Implement CDN and SSL certificate.
It’s official, Secure and faster website rank higher in search results. Use CDN to make your website faster and easily accessible.
If you purchased Hosting from Bluehost or SiteGround then you already have the SSL certificate installed. SSL Certificate encrypts the data transferred between server and responder to ensure it isn’t reachable to hackers.

Submit A SiteMap
Submitting a site map helps search engines to understand where to find your articles with providing them links. This makes your website more crawlable.
If you use Plugins like Yoast, Don’t worry about site maps, they are Automatically generated.

Always look for Errors and Grammatical mistakes
Never overlook this statement.Proof read your article. Read twice your own article. Compare with your competition. Become your own critic. More error will gradually decrease your Audience and rankings as well.  Use tools like grammerly.

Use keywords As Your Slug
Use your keywords as your slug. This helps you get more SEO friendly by Increasing Density of keywords. Also remember to put your keyword in First paragraph of your article or Meta description.
Ex- Non updated- www.bforbloggers.com/p=123
Updated slug – www.bforbloggers.com/blog/what-is-cdn-why-is-it-necessary
*Update your permalinks setting to automate this.

Social Appearance
social media, a contemporary of SEO play a very important role in increasing your Web presence. Platforms like FB, Quora, Twitter and Pinterest are highly effective in Search engine appearance. Make your account representing your work. Like an account of bforbloggers on twitter should be named as bforbloggers. Social Pilot and mangeflitter helps a lot to make things more professional with ease.

You must do a research about the topic you are going to write next no matter how much you know about it. Keep things straight and explain each and every term.

Keep Your Language native
Often many bloggers exaggerate their writing skills with extended “vocabulary” . Using difficult to understand words and phrases will keep your visitor far away from your blog. Keep it as simple as possible.

Time to change your Host IF –
If you’re facing downtimes more than 3 times a month, Change your Host. Upgrade to better services. High Downtimes degrade the quality of your website and search engine start to ignore, and eventually you may be blacklisted.

I Recommend Hostgator, SiteGround,and inmotion for shared hosting and Kinsta, Flywheel and WP Engine for managed WordPress hosting.

Make Navigation Easier
Make it easier to navigate through your website. Help user to reach where they want to. Drop down menu is the best. Enable breadcrumbs To help search engines see through your navigation and arrange results accordingly.

Use anchor text keywords
Often New bloggers link posts with words like Read more. Or Learn More etc., but this isn’t useful for search engines, try to link more Directly with keywords like I do with SEO, Web Hosting and Blog makeover Series.

Use Responsive Themes
Use light responsive themes, this will help you reduce loading time and also effect your blog’s indexibility. Choose themes which are SEO friendly.

Following the steps will help you to gain significant amount of traffic in 2 weeks of implementation. try not to leave any of the above method. SEO is not a one-day charm, you have to keep it doing again and again because every minute someone is starting to blog your niche and you have to be in the Competition right?
Keep yourself focused on SEO and Content equally, Publishing Content isn’t going to do everything, you have To optimize your site. Practicing SEO Will always give you more than it takes, and over the time it will turn your blog into a business, I am sure you want to earn money from your blog (who doesn’t).
I will keep this post updated to ensure you don’t get behind the world. I suggest you to bookmark this page for future reference.

P.S. Take a cup of coffee and Start Thinking about your blog all over again

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