How to sign up and earn from Godaddy Affiliate Program | Explained

Godaddy is a great place to earn from by joining their Affiliate Program.

Many people ask  for how to get into the affiliation program of godaddy as their is no option for getting the affiliation through Godaddy’s official website.

Recently Godaddy’s affiliate program was removed from their official site and now they are providing you the same Affiliation through Commission Junction ( and others(very limited)

Making money from Godaddy affiliate program is easy and for this you have to:-

Firstly Sign up At CJ formerly known as Commission Junction.
In your Advertiser Search button enter Godaddy.

you will find Godaddy with domains like etc.

Select from all those.

Secondly, You have to get your affiliated link by conforming and agreeing the terms and conditions.
place the link at such locations where your visitors get clear view.

Now that’s all. Place your Affiliated links in your content and get Paid for every purchase made through your link. Commission junction pays you the fees after cutting of their fees.

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How good godaddy is?

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