How to start blogging – Do it like a proffesional

When started blogging, I started studying, i started to research ,i analyzed the traffic 🚥 and i did everything which was possible in order to UNDERSTAND  the people who came read my posts. That’s what i want you to do. Try your best to understand your audience, collect the data on how they react to your posts, where much of your traffic comes from, what is your preferred target zone. 

First of all :-
The Basics
1• in order to get succes in blogging you need to keep your blog upto dated. People will never come to your blog to read a review of Nokia 3310 in era of Nokia 8. So try to write something in your blog at least every 2 days.
2• keep it original. it’s very important that you don’t go around other blog and stat copy/paste. It won’t take you too far. You will end feeling frustrated when you won’t find anything to copy.

3• Everything straight to the point 👉.Don’t try to elaborate things to such an extent that people start to get frustrated as they won’t find the exact point they are looking for. Keep it simple and straight to the point 👉. It will surely help your readers to extract what they want to.

These 3 points are key for a blogger it start with.
Don’t worry i am gonna share with you some amazing things in coming days which will make you a professional blogger. So keep in touch and if you have any questions i want to hear about them in comments section below

So stay tuned:)

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