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Benefits For A Fast Loading Website :-
  • Low Bounce Rates
  • Higher Conversions
  • Better Search Engine Rankings
  • Better User Experience & Response.



“Server-side caching can drastically speed up your WordPress site”

Caching, both on the server side and client side, is an important part of WordPress site  performance. Once a user loads your site for the first time, you can take advantage of browser capabilities to cache the contents of that site locally, so on the next visit the user already has them loaded.

Similarly, on the server side, having a caching layer works wonders for serving your site up very quickly. The most common way to enable server-side caching with WordPress is by using the W3 Total Cache plugin. This plugin (or one similar) is needed on almost all hosts. Also remember to leverage your browser cache.

Don’t Know what Cache is?

Here is a quick overview – Cache are the temporary files grouped inside a browser or server’s memory. This temporary memory helps in reducing the load on browser and server and provides a quick response in the second visit. Cache are like a copy of your webpages used as a predictor for showing what a user will see again.

More beginner friendly – it is like a Saved Picture of your webpage, with links and HTML codes.


In An E-book by Flywheel I read –

“You don’t want to spend weeks relying on a plugin, only for it to become the bane of your site’s existance”

For Those who didn’t got a word, understand it this way :

Plugins Drive A Functionality To your WordPress Site and You can do almost anything with a plugin. But As i wrote before, plugins Have multiple Holes in them and they come with this hole to your WordPress blog.


A Poor Plugin May :-


  • Slow Down Your Site
  • Make it Vulnerable
  • Disturb Functionality of other plugins

All this negative talk about plugins is only to make you aware of the potential risks involved when using bad ones.

Read reviews, test them regularly, and be sure you’re updating them to the latest version when it’s available.
If there are plugins that you just can’t live without but still make your site slow, there are ways to continue using them. Generally, if you determine that a plugin is loading slowly, the next step is to talk to your hosting company to increase the memory on your server.

Never rely on a single plugin. Always try to find Alternatives  and The better than the one you are using. Use a plugin Called Query Monitor that sifts through your whole site and reports back what percentage of total load time each plugin is responsible for using.


Make Sure You Are with The Righ Host

Web Hosts are the First step towards your website’s speed. In case you don’t know, The Speed of your website or blogs depends upon your Server and its response time. Since a server is provided to you through your web hosting provider, Make sure they are optimized for WordPress.

Almost every host says they provide 1-click install for WordPress but that doesn’t help them understand WordPress and it’s need. 29% of total internet is powered by WordPress and every host isn’t going to work for it. To increase speed in WordPress you need the host who understands the needs of WordPress.

I Always Recommend:-

For Shared Hosting :-
  1. Hostgator ( I Host Bforbloggers On Hostgator )
  2. SiteGround (Best In the business)
  3. Bluehost (Loved them & A Guide Coming Soon)
  4. Ipage ( Cheapest and best for beginners)
  5. InMotion ( Fast and secure )
For Managed WordPress Hosting :-
  1. Kinsta ( The best in business)
  2. Flywheel ( best for designers, they are beautiful)
  3. WpEngine (The most reputed, from two decades)
Remember, your selection of host is very important in order to succeed because you have to be with them even if you don’t want to as you spent money on them.
All of the above (shared) hosts are best and offer :-
  • 30-45 Days money back guarantee
  • 1-Click Install
  • Cheap on first bill
  • secure and Fast
  • free migrations (except Ipage & Bluehost)
Tip – Remember, Always buy an Annual plan ( 1 year or more) to save money because the discounted rates apply for the First Bill only, the renewal rates are higher.


If you Don’t Know what a CDN Is, Read My Article on CDN Here.
Quick Overview – A CDN (Content Delivery Network) work on DNS or server level. Using a CDN helps in reducing the load on one server. CDN helps to divide traffic.
Using a CDN Makes your site faster with upto 2 seconds or sometimes more. I did a test with cloudfare CDN and found my results to be 2 second faster on PingDom.
Don’t forget to read My CDN Article for A better Comprehension.

Benchmark your site with testing

Before you get started and make any changes to your site, it’s important to take some  measurements and run a few tests to get some benchmarks.
This will help you know exactly where you’re at right now and make sure the changes you’re making are actually improving your site (instead of making things worse)! To test the speed of your site, your best bet is a  combination of WebPageTest and Google PageSpeed Insights.
WebPageTest gives you a good idea of the actual time (in seconds) that a site takes to load, and these metrics will help you know whether it’s the back-end or  front-end causing a site to load slowly.
Google PageSpeed Insights is best for looking at how your site is rendered by the browser and can help you identify what you can improve on the front-end.
Keep doing time to time benchmarks and keep a record and analyse your website. This will help you to progress in long run. This habit will eventually make your website more fast help you keep it up.

Images Play a Crucial Role

Images are Important for your blog. Both readers and search engines enjoy articles with images.  But they Also have another Side.
Images make your page size larger than usual. Also it increases your loading time. Try to use Lesser images. Using as few images as possible will make sure your web page loads smoothly.
Make sure you Smush or compress them before adding them to your article. Plugins like WPsmush helps to reduce the image size as soon as they are uploaded. Also remember to add ALT attributes to them. Refer to My SEO Guide.

Proper Theme Is Essential

Your conversion and bounce rates are greatly affected by the theme you are using. It Must be :-
  • Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Multi Device Friendly
  • Light and Easily Navigable
These are some of the good signs of a theme and are generally seen in a properly Coded Theme. A Theme must be written keeping all of the sides of WordPress in mind. Some of the Top Theme Stores are :-

Having A good theme will always give you and your users the best experience with speed and functionality.

Some Important Tips :-

Keep Your WordPress Updated. Developers at WordPress regularly make their software more Faster and securer so make sure you have the latest one.Keep your Plugins Updated. Keeping plugins updated, specially your cache and booster plugins will make sure have you have the latest coding and enhanced features available today. Also helps in reducing plugin vulnerability.

Minfy our CSS, Minify your HTML. You may find Minifiying options in your Cache plugin >> General Setings.

After you’ve gone through these performance-enhancing practices, if your site is still really slow, I’d recommend hiring a developer who can look into it and find the source of the  problem and/or choosing a new WordPress host.

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