Jhoomla stands as the top alternative to WordPress. Both of them are best CMS for any business, personal or enterprise use.  While WordPress is definitely more popular, Powerful and user friendly, Jhoomla also provides top notch functionality for its users.

In this tutorial, i am going to show you how you can easily install jhoomla templates on your jhoomla powered website or blog. Also. Note that the whole procedure remains the same for installing plugins in jhoomla.

Download The Theme 

How To Install Templates In Jhoomla In Three Easy Steps Basics & Tutorials On Blogging

Before we start the procedure of template installation, you need to have a jhoomla compatible template saved on your hard disk drive (HDD). You can get premium Jhoomla templates from Themeforest. Pick a theme which is lite and SEO Friendly.

Installing The Downloaded Theme

Jhoomla lacks an option to install templates directly from the jhoomla control panel that’s why you have to manually upload them to the web disk. This process is quite simple. Follow the steps below :-


Login to your Jhoomla Administration Area i.e. “Yourdomain.com/administrator”.

Extensions > Manage > Install 

Click on Extensions in the upper right corner of the main bar, then click on manage, look for install and click on it. You will see an option for installing templates and plugins as well. Click on templates and upload your Template file successfully.

How To Install Templates In Jhoomla In Three Easy Steps Basics & Tutorials On Blogging


Now that you have uploaded your templates successfully, you will need to change the default template to make go live on your jhoomla website.

Extensions > Templates > Templates 

Move On to Step 3 To give your pages the new look and activate your template.

How To Install Templates In Jhoomla In Three Easy Steps Basics & Tutorials On Blogging


On This screen you will see All of the templates you have installed and also whuch are their by default. Look out for the one you have uploaded and click on the Star 🌟  Icon shown.This icon should turn in yellow colour, Viola!! The template is live Now.

How To Install Templates In Jhoomla In Three Easy Steps Basics & Tutorials On Blogging

Now you have successfully completed the template installation and your new template is live on the Internet. Again, The whole procedure remains same for installing plugins in jhoomla.

Recommended Theme shop is ThemeForest.
Recommended Hosting For Jhoomla is SiteGround.

If you are a WordPress user, You can also get premium themes from themeforest and hosting from SiteGround. Jhoomla is a great option for someone who doesn’t feels comfortable with WordPress.

Quick Insights For Beginners To WordPress & Jhoomla 

The Reason why jhoomla is not recommended for beginners as jhoomla being not so user friendly. They lack some major features like in WordPress, you can easily install themes directly though your dashboard and install with a single click along with the live preview.

It is extremely Easy to work with WordPress when compared to jhoomla. We suggest to choose WordPress As Its Much More Powerful, User Friendly And currently Powers 30% Of the internet. There are more than one reason to choose WordPress over jhoomla as a beginner. Also Not that Jhoomla is not optimized for mobile devices.

I Hope This tutorial was helpful for you. If you face any problem in jhoomla control panel, Ask them in the forum or in the comments section below.

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