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AMP is a project carried out by google. It is yet to receive some major updates and functionality options. Still its a quite good thing to add in your WordPress tool kit.

Back In An Article i talked about My Experience with AMP [Accelerated Mobile Pages].


In case you aren’t in a mood of Reading too many articles Here’s a quick overview about what is AMP  –

AMP is A Fast loading page, generally a minified HTML. AMP makes an article instantly available by showing a minimalistic form rather than showing Complete website or a blog. AMP makes two copy of your article, one  which you host [original] and the one which Google hosts on it’s CDN, a cached version.

An AMP page looks like this :

How to Integrate AMP[official] - Make your Website or Blog AMP Ready SEO
An AMP page from bforbloggers


It’s predefined form is user friendly,loads quicker and is a blessing for slow connection problematics.

How to Integrate AMP on your Website

Well this is a Quite Simple task, there’s Only one thing to do and that is

Install the Official AMP plugin for WordPress!!

Download Here or Go to your plugins section and click on Add New, search for AMP and look  for –

How to Integrate AMP[official] - Make your Website or Blog AMP Ready SEO
Official plugin by Automattic

Install this plugin and that’s it. Your Articles will be automatically supporting AMP.

Note – If you installed this plugin on your new blog like 7 days old, it will be in action very soon but if you have an old blog i.e. With too many articles, this will take little time to appear in search engines However, You can See it in action by adding /amp at the end of your post’s URL. Try it with this post!

As I have mentioned in my previous article about AMP, currently AMP works only with Posts, Not Pages.

This means your articles will be available in a clean fast and mobile friendly HTML5 version, but pages remain the same.

There isn’t much to do after you successfully install The plugin, i.e. You don’t have to configure anything.

You can check out the appearance of your site’s AMP version –


How to Integrate AMP[official] - Make your Website or Blog AMP Ready SEO
Click on Appearance in in sidebar menu


Click on the Appearance, Scroll down to AMP and click to customize. Currently AMP isn’t Very customizable. You can only change Text and Meta/link colours and Background Skin.

Benefits Of Using AMP

  • Increases Readability
  • Makes Any theme Mobile Friendly
  • Decreases Loading Time
  • Drives more user attention
  • Google features AMP Articles in News carousel – which is given priority above-the-fold placement on mobile searches
Integrating AMP will give your website an extra edge over your competition ( if It isn’t using AMP)
Impact On SEO –
Although AMP isn’t an Official Search engine ranking factor,bit of it’s indirect effect will give your website SEO a little Boost, But How?
Remember, Faster websites rank higher in search engine Rankings and AMP makes your website 3X faster ( my experience) .
More page views because of that thunderbolt icon, Increases rankings.
Features your Article ( respective of the content) in News News carousel – which is given priority above-the-fold placement on mobile searches.
I Think 90% of you who are reading this article are impressed with AMP and ready to implement. That’s a great thought.
Repeating myself again, if you write a blog, you must integrate AMP, because people love highly readable content and so do search engine (google).
Now it’s your time to express yourself , tell me about your experience with AMP and mention if you are facing any problems.
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