Introducing To You The 90 Day Blogging Course : Free Series


This is a complete course for any one who is willing to make their online presence.

And yes, this course is completely free.

Q. What will you have in this series ?

* The first post is now live. 

Well, I have curated a list of 90 post that will start from the scratch.

We will then move upto topics that are basically pro bloggers discuss.

90 post 90 days and you will learn A-Z of blogging.

Q. What will you learn ?

In a nutshell, you will be learning about :-

1. How to start a blog, optimize it and the basics.

2. Essential steps and publishing your first post.

3. Different types of niche discussions and guides to help you set, make and achieve your goal.

4. Different ways to monetize and detailed explanation to each of them.

5. After that, you will learn how pro bloggers handle WordPress. I will teach you how i use this CMS to make an income of $700+ (And increasing) a month from a 3 month old blog.

At the end, you will no longer remain a beginner blogger.

you will have your online presence built up and guess what?

You will be earning real money from your blog.

Q. What will i have to do?

You have to follow me throughly. Period.

I need you to do as i say. With my 3+ years of experience, you are never going the wrong way.

you may follow along with other blogs too if you wish but then don’t blame me with “nothing happened with me” statement.

Just give your 90 days to me, and see what the effect it crafts.

Also note that the 90 posts won’t be lenghty just for the sake of SEO. We are going to focus on quality. Each post will be an in depth guide for the given topic.

This series is going to be a fun filled with lots of knowledge.

Like other blogs on the internet,i could also preserve this series just for my E-mail subscribers but i won’t. Never.

The way i learnt blogging was quite painful. Finding an article in books or browsing the internet took hundreds of hours from me. That time, which i could use to be more productive.

That is the aim of this series. This course will give you the answer of each & every question you ask. I know them because I’ve faced them.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any query or suggestions. I will respond to them as soon as i can.

Lastly, i would like to thank you and wish you best of luck for your online journey. Let the entrepreneur unleashed!


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Author: Aayush Bhaskar Verma

My name is Bhaskar and i will walk you through a bunch of over my shoulder guides and content marketing tips that i use for my blog.

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