You must have seen people talking about a blog which have a good landing page generates more conversion rate, C-T-R, engagement and more, but


what a landing page Actually is?


A landing page, in the simplest form, Is the First page you see when you visit the Homepage of the website.Its a clear and easily navigable page containing links to every corner of the website.
Basically you land on the homepage of the website and hence the name, “Landing page”
Landing pages are the first impression of your blog or website. People wil first see this page and hence will move on to other.
Plugins Like Elementor, has already made it easier than before to make landing pages without any coding skills. Basically, it’s a drag and drop builder and i love their pro version because of its customization capabilities.
Didn’t got an Idea? Here is an example:-
Q. Why do You Need a Landing page?
Well, if You think so, you must be unaware of the benefits So here is a quick list of the benefits A Good and Optimized Landing page provides :-
  1. Better Conversion Rates
  2. Better Click Through Rates
  3. More Engagement on your Articles,products etc.
  4. More subscribers to your mailing list
  5. Lower bounce Rate
  6. Better Speed and Loading Time
  7. More user friendly and Multiple Device Optimized
However, these are only some, there are more powerful benefits of landing page and it is something you need to give time.
A good landing page speaks more to your overall brand and corporate values and is typically loaded with links and navigation to other areas of your site.
Showcasing the products you sell, services you provide, Websites you have been featured in, clients you have served are all possible only through landing pages.
Needless to say, You have already missed out the traffic you could convert into revenue.

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