For small business marketers who are overwhelmed by Facebook Ads, Leadpages offers a simplified process for creating, publishing, and managing Facebook campaigns.

Because the simplified builder seamlessly integrates with the Leadpages platform, you can build your landing page, quickly create a corresponding ad, set your budget and targeting parameters, and publish—all without ever touching Facebook Ads Manager

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The leadpages let’s you forget Facebook Ad Manager—there’s an easier way! Overcome your overwhelm.

With Leadpages’ New Add-on you can :-

• Quickly create high-converting Facebook ads & landing pages

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Follow an easy step-by-step formula to publish your landing page and launch your promotion without getting lost in the Facebook Ads Manager

• Easily determine if your ad is working
With plain-English analytics you can actually understand, it’s easy to hone in on the #s that matters most and know when to pause an ad, tweak it, or do more of it

• Spend your budget wisely & confidently
Let Facebook’s powerful algorithm make every penny go the distance so you’re only paying for the clicks that truly count

• Take advantage of sophisticated audience targeting (made simple)
Lower your costs and expand your reach by delivering content to audiences with the biggest appetite for what you have to offer

• Seamlessly copy & customize campaigns to micro-target audiences
Duplicating your funnel and adjusting art & copy across ads and landing pages has never been this easy (+unlimited publishing

Here’s the skinny on Facebook Ad Builder:

• Why do I care?
Facebook’s massive audience (2 billion daily users) and unparalleled audience targeting is a dream for small business marketers—but Facebook Ad Manager is a quagmire of data, overwhelm, and confusion.

This brand new feature keeps the sophisticated capabilities of Ads Manager and makes them simple, human-friendly, and lightning fast.

• What is it?
Facebook Ad Builder enables you to easily create, publish, and manage a Facebook Ad campaign without ever leaving Leadpages. Hone in on the key numbers that are most important to your business

• How does it work?
Scrappy software (designed by the engineers at Leadpages and Facebook working mano-a-mano) integrates the Leadpages platform, pulls text & images directly from your landing page into a Facebook Ad, and allows you to easily create your campaign from start to finish.

• Who gets it?
ALL Leadpages users (paid subscribers & free trial)

Leadpages was already a powerful lead page builder and with the new Facebook Ads integration you can expect to thrive your business model with ease.

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Did you made an ad with Leadpages, how was the experience? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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