You need to think upon why You need to have patience while blogging. This Article is based on my 2 years of Blogging career where I have seen many ups and downs and many case studies. I’m pretty sure it will boost you up if you pay attention closely.
Life of A Blogger

First of all Blogging Needs A lot of patience.
If you think you can have a blog which receives Tons of votes and views in a month, better to get back home.
Many people think blogging Is just about writing content But thise who run a successful blog knows that behind the scenes lies :-
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Content Inspiration & Execution
  • Building the Traffic
  • Creating a Succesful Framework
  • Creating Social presence
  • Facing Problem like hacks and malware
  • Investing in better tools and services
And Much more. The list is just a glimpse of a blogger’s life.
Read about what to keep in mind while blogging.
Traffic For A Blogger

At Blogging, we need to keep eyes 👀 on our traffic keeping with a well schedule of analysing them. This requires great precision and is initialy important for our future. Analysing traffic helps to build up strategies. Some of the strategies :-
  • Posting on a specific time
  • making article more beautiful
  • Knowledge of targeted region
  • Knowledge of The demographics
  • Helps in reducing bounce rates
  • Check for a weak point
  • Reduction of Unwanted traffic
And More.
Getting a sudden hike in traffic is possible but a gun with patience and dedication unless your blog goes viral but that too needs to be special and socially acceptable.
Continuous Race Of Presence

Web presence. We all as soon as we join the internet, fight for a better web presence. Google loves blogs and hence the more are the blogs started. In the millions of blogs today, you want yours to be the one featured on Google’s first page right?
Take look at google. Whenever you search for informative posts apart from news and daily report, you will always find the established ines rather than the fresh ones. Most of them started back in 2012 or before.
This helps google to provide its users with optimum results and surplus amount of data to display users.
Also remember that after the Panda update google has given priority to selective niche blogs which focus one a particular niche, although Google’s algorithm stays a secret, years if practices have shown this result.


Continuous SEO Run

Most of newbies Look at Seo as a one time job for posts while seo remains the life long process. Your blog may get out of google in one day if something bad happens or you stop doing seo.

Keeping Content Fresh

Google loves Freshness and that’s why it easily index and celebrates blogs which are consistent and provide it with frsh content. Bloggers Saw 20% increase in its organic traffic after switching Their posting to two times in a week and that’s a huge difference.Writing Orginal Content

Unique and original content will help you to revive the maximum organic traffic. Publishing articles available nowhere else will give you the high ranks whenever possible. Plagiarism or piracy will kill your blog and worst is getting balcklisted.

Making The Blog Responsive

Making Your blog responsible like integration of AMP or making it smartphone friendly requires time and hit and trial methods. We cannot expect the same result every time. Getting a perfect and unique theme is quite a long process and requires great patience.

Continuous BenchMarkings

Benchmark your website regularly to know where you are. This helps to keep record of our progress in long run  and again, this also requires a good time. The continuous effort to make our site faster isn’t possible in one week. It usually takes a mint nd even after this process we need to ensure it goes all along well.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing makes our life a little bit easier but requires great efforts like Advertisement and Posting regularly. We usually start with 0 followers and our audience will only build over time. There is no shortcut to it.

Building a Large Resource

Usually a blog with 50 or more posts is considered to be on run. Over the time we aim to build a large resource where a reader gets everything available in that niche. This makes our blog a large resource which can accessed via web. This resource is the best thing about a blog and this takes real time. The more frequent your are the more quickly you will achieve he goal but yes, don’t mess ut up with too much

Patience While and before Publishing

Patience while writing your articles are crucial. Always remember to proofread your articles before publishing. Use tools like grammerly. A few mistakes are allowed but try to be precise.

Try to write articles in a quite and peaceful place. Too much crowd or noise will make your article shorter and limit your vocabulary.

Don’t Worry About The Traffic

It’s a matter of fact that beginners continuously pursue to drive traffic with limited content. You must not focus on “Driving Traffic” at beginning.

Build your blog and focus on SEO. Continuous follow of valuable and comprehensive content will automatically drive traffic. Again, give Content priority over Traffic.

Write The More In Your Mouth

If you intent to talk straight, don’t follow the recessive style. Don’t follow the language and writing style of other bloggers, try to be you and improve your strengths, also remember to cover up your Flaws and weakness. Patience is required here ti become successful and weakness are eroded only through time and continuous efforts.

I Hope this guide was helpful. All this talk was to get you aware of a bloggers life and it’s efforts while inspiring you to blog at the same time.

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