Heyoya : Testing The New Voice Comment system

Every blog owner feels great when they get a comment on their posts.

It shows that people are really enjoying your articles and are willing to share their view.

This is a green signal to better SEO and engagement which in turn gives higher conversions.

Few hours ago, I have integrated a whole new comment system on BforBloggers that has something new and interesting twist with it.

From now onwards you will be able to comment in your voice!

Yes, i have powered up this blog with Heyoya voice commenting system which will allow you to record your voice as the comment.

Alternatively, You can also comment with text which is also a part of heyoya.

That means that you can now share your views with voice and text both, at the same time in the same comment.

The tag line of heyoya is voice your opinion and that is so true. To test drive heyoya, scroll down to the bottom and just before the popular posts widget, you can see the heyoya comment system.

Record your voice and enter your name and email. That’s it. You can record a comment that is as long as 30 seconds.

If you guys are enjoying this, i would keep this running. After a week, i will share my review and first hand experience on the Heyoya Voice Comment system.

Do share your opinion how this new system works and if you are facing any problems.

Also share this with your friends and family and increase the engament.

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