A lot of buzzes arise when your Facebook page reaches a milestone, let’s say, 1 million likes. You may jump out of bed once your twitter profiles cross the same number of followers.

Facebook and Twitter may drive a lot of traffic to your blog, but sadly, they don’t convert very well.

A report from Hubspot shows less than 0.77% of traffic that comes from facebook leads to a conversion. The same pitch at 0.69 goes for Twitter as well.

The main fact is, Facebook and Twitter have lost their organic reach drastically.

Since any blogger or a marketer would like to see a traffic that converts, just like organic traffic does, you need to switch your attention to other social networking sites.

The Importance of Social Media in Online Marketing

You simply can’t ignore this.

Social networking sites have a huge audience base.

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion monthly users and Twitter has more than 316 million whereas  LinkedIn has 562 million users and Pinterest has more than 200 million active users. 

So, anyone ignoring facebook is losing the attention of 1.5 billion people, And the one who’s ignoring the Pinterest and LinkedIn is neglecting the userbase of more than 762 million people!

When handled and marketed correctly, your content, shop, product and almost anything can generate revenue from these social media sites alone.

You an SEO guy? Let’s keep this aside.

A research from Niel Patel proved google took social shares as a factor in ranking individual articles on its SERPs. Moreover, the results showed that google plus shares (+1) were more effective than any other social network. Facebook and twitter stood at 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Do you think Pinterest is lacking that SEO benefit?

No, it’s not.

Pinterest is popular due to its unique pins best sized at 238 x 284 (in feeds and covers).

These pins are generally linked or branded with the name of the organization or individual who created it.

Pins are easy to share and get user attention faster than any average image due to its attractive and visually striking look.

Whenever the pin is used on a particular blog, Its generally linked to its author. That way is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your site.

Infographics in the form of pins can help you drive a great number of backlinks on zero money investment, All of it on autopilot. You can use Canva, Stencil or Snappa for creating catchy pins and infographics to promote.

Let’s have a look at some of the bloggers who use Pinterest marketing tactics to drive traffic and increase social interaction on their blog.

Epife is a multi-niche blog by Arfa Nazeer and here are her blog’s social share counts for each post:-

One of her most viral posts has been share and pinned on Pinterest more than 25,000 times!Why Pinterest Should Be Your Primary Social Media To Market Online Marketing  Social Media Marketing

Although Twitter and google plus shares are low, still massive shares on Pinterest can be seen in all of her posts.



In fact, she has an amazing post on how to get more Pinterest traffic. 

Another blogger, Shafi Khan too uses Pinterest to drive “extra traffic”.

Why Pinterest Should Be Your Primary Social Media To Market Online Marketing  Social Media Marketing

He has over 35.8k monthly viewers on his Pinterest account.


Pinterest in terms of driving referral traffic is genuinely easy to use.

You can expect inspiring results in the minimum time possible.

But that seriously depends on how you look at it.

Let’s check out Pinterest user base.

Insights on Pinterest User Base (Demographics & Industry)

According to Pinterest officials,  70% of its users are women. However, In past years, more than 50% of new signups were from men. Men are smart 😉

More than 50% of its traffic comes from users based out of U.S. (international).

61% users found new products and brand from pins they discovered.

All of this data, Proves Pinterest is in its top state for marketers.

Women are generally more recessive when it comes to spending money. Since 1 out of 2, a conversion rate of 50% ( as of 2017) of Pinterest users have purchased something after seeing a pin and Pinterest’s users being more than 70% of women, it clearly shows the effect of visual content for product promotion.

Pinterest For Content Marketer & Promotion

When it comes to content promotion, Pinterest is a killer social network.

As I told you in the first discussion of this post, Pinterest pins are a natural link builder.

Pins are extremely great for promoting a specific webpage with minimal effort.

Most of the bloggers don’t make infographics. Instead, they seek for it.

If you are good enough in making a great piece of image or an infographic, and you pin it on Pinterest, Viola!

Soon enough someone who’s in need would find your work and link to it.

Pinterest organic reach is far better than that of Facebook or Twitter. Even if you are not using any kind of paid promotion.

So, Pinterest is great in terms of the promotion of content as well as a product.

If you haven’t started to use Pinterest yet, make sure you do so. Grab the free Tailwind tool to automate and make your life easier and head on to build a community of pin lovers.

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