If you are not practicing affiliate marketing already, you must be willing to earn money from your blog via serving high-quality Ads.

In case your Adsense account is not getting approved, read on!

Recently  I came through  PopAds, An extremely good Ad Network for low traffic blogs which struggle for a decent amount of income.

Unlike other Ad networks such as HillTopAds, you don’t have to wait for your account to be approved. The moment you signup for PopAds, it gives you instant access to direct Advertisement section.

From here, you can add your list of websites, of course, which you own and then you can start using High quality popunder ads on your websites with a single piece of code.

PopAds works on CPM basis rather than CPC, so before an Ad is displayed on your blog it’s amount has already been paid by the advertiser and the Ad will generate income no matter if the visitor clicks on the ad or not.

After you sign up, you can control both publishers and advertisers panel.

That means you can also promote your content through PopAds. You don’t need to signup for multiple accounts.

From The publisher panel, you have to enter your website details and select what kind of Ads You want to show. BE SURE TO CHECK GAMBLING OUT. PopAds Has Every Type of Advertiser Including Adult and Gambling, But you can Always Opt-out of these Two categories and ensure Safety of your website. It has a vast resource of Advertisers across all genres and that’s why earning money with them becomes bit easy.

The payout threshold is very Low at $5, which you can withdraw daily through Auto Withdrawal settings, so you don’t have to be waiting for the end of the month!

Their pay rates are pretty high and clean. I didn’t Saw much variations in rates of different Ads when i tested them.

They provide real-time Statistics and earnings data so you don’t have to wait a whole day to see how much you have earned, something we all love.

Since PopUnder ads have been proven to annoy some users, you should be very careful while using it.

All in all, PopAds is an extremely great network for bloggers who are new and their traffic is quite low.

Sign up for PopAds >>

The payment methods they use are PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer. They keep it clean and payments are made the way you like. You can set it on auto withdrawal mode to make sure you receive your commission on autopilot.

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