How To Prevent Your Images from Getting Blurred And Smaller In WordPress

Many of you readers  told me that your WordPress images were getting blurred. Instead of answering your Mails, I thought to write about it.

After installing your WordPress blog, you must have seen your Images Automatically getting smaller and blurred. This means your WordPress is Automatically generating three different image sizes of every media file you upload.WordPress inherit this function Automatically. You have to optimize and make a small change to cancel this process.

Otherwise you will have to manually select large option every time you add an image in your article which is an annoying task and you may not remember to do that every time.

If you have chosen WordPress as your software you must be willing to do the work easier way, And to do that you need to follow the steps:-


How to Stop WordPress from Making Multiple Image Sizes

Head Over to Settings > Media.

prevent images from getting blurred and smallerTurn every Number you see into 0. Each an every option should have 0 value.


That’s it. Now your images won’t be reduced and blurred. This also ensures you don’t have to manually select the large images option.

Pro Tip – Speed is a very important aspect of websites and blog. To make your articles load faster, ensure you use as less images as possible and you have installed the plugin which Automatically does the hard job for you.

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