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Ashish Bhaskar Verma

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On January 16, 2018
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PushEngage is a great service for enabling push notifications. It is beginner friendly as well as free to use. I highly recommend this to my readers who seek to increase their conversions.

Have you seen websites which requests you to allow them to send you updates and Notifications for various events happening on their website.


Do You want that for your Blog too?

Push Notifications are one of the new born Opt-in Services. These notifications are delivered direct to the user if either he is on your website or drinking a a cup of coffee in from of the T.V.

If you have been visiting Bforbloggers, you may have seen a bell icon in the low right corner of your screen, When you click on the bell it opens a window for you to opt-in to receive Updates.

You can get that for your blog too. Your viewers will turn into loyal subscribers and they will receive a notification everytime you write or update a post.

Most of you would prefer this option rather than joining An E-Mail List. You may be Skeptical on providing your E-Mail Address In threat of receiving Spam. Rest assured, At BforBloggers your privacy is safe with us and you will never recive a spam.

We do this with the help of pushengage because they have proved to be the best push notification service for every blog/websites including business ones.

They have a free plan for fresh start ups and provide a neat and clean dashboard with ease of management.

They are easily scalable and you can upgrade your plan anytime you want. you can easily customize your dialog Box settings though your WordPress Dashboard.

It’s time for you to get your blog a push notification bar and watch your list grow. Follow along the easy stuff below

To Activate Push Notifications For Your blog or Website Start With :-

Step 1 :-
Get push notifications
Head Over to The PushEnage Website. Here, You Need To Register For PushEngage. This Step is Crucial For getting your API Key.

Get push notifications

Enter your E-Mail, Domain and other details.If you are looking to get more features and a bigger subscription list, You can Purchase a Plan Straight Away.

If Not, Head Over to the Free plan. Signup and complete Your Purchase. Make Sure your Details Are correct.

Once you have successfully completed the process, add your site details with a logo and head over to the Installation Process. click on the menu button > Settings > API Key.

Generate An API Key and Copy it. Remember, any API key is confidential, never share your API key with anyone. Keep this page open and head over to Your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2:-

Get push notifications

Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for PushEnage. Install The Plugin and Activate It.

Next, Go to your plugin’s Homepage and Add the API key. This is It. Now push Notifications are activated on your blog.

Head over to the subscription dialog box setting either in your plugin settings or your pushengage account settings. I prefer to the pushengage Webpage. told you to keep the page open.

Add your desired message and opt-in button Text and select your dialog box type. If your website uses HTTPS then the default box will appear.

If you use HTTP, You have options like Bell, Safari Style, Below bar etc.

That was pretty much easy. Now you have successfully completed the whole procedure, and you can take a cup of coffee and enjoy looking at your growing push subscription list.

Everytime you will publish a post,  you will see an option to enable the push notifications for that post like this :-

The reason i recommend pushEngage is because they provide you with 2500 subscribers for Free. they support BlogSpot, Bbpress, Jhoomla and more along with WordPress.

Updated Feature 

PushEngage has introduced a new automation tool known as drip automation.  

With this feature you can set an auto responder to send a notification based on your specific interest.  This can 2 minute after subscribing or 24 hours.

This is a great feature and I will soon update you with a tutorial on how to activate this drip auto responder.


PushEngage works really great when it comes to personalised push notifications. They have custom features like branding, custom message and logo section.

In case you ever want to get away from them but don’t want loose your subscribers,  you can also get the list as a CSV to export. Their pricing are also not very high and as a beginner you can use their forever free plan.

A dedicated plugin makes integration seamless. For HTTPs users, the configuration is really simple.

Go ahead and try PushEngage because Every day passing is a an opportunity passing.

OneSignal is an Alternative you probably would have heard of, But onesignal is not recommended for business websites as they sell users information.

I an waiting for your comment below. Share your experience with push notifications with me.

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  • Very Customizable
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  • Free Plan upto 2500 subscribers
  • Doesn't sell user information


  • PushEngage branding in free plan

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