One question that is making many bloggers crazy is

“Search engines or real visitors”, Whom should we write for?

Really, Its true search engines don’t read our content. Neither they comment nor they convert. They don’t click on our Ads, they don’t make us affiliate sales, they just do nothing.

On the other hand, humans, the real visitors. They convert, They comment on your posts they appreciate your content, they click on your ads they help you earn money promoting products its just what they are doing keeps you going on and on.


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Do you think they would be doing this if there were no search engines to search for, no crawlers to crawl your blog, no database to store and index our URLs and no medium for getting in front of billions of people?

If you think writing a content for real people is better than writing for search engines, That’s just not true. At least its partially true.

Search Engines Play a Crucial Role


Imagine this:

You wrote an article on “3 things that changed your life” on your blog “”. You know the ways worked for you and people are going to love it. You want real visitors to read it and hence you don’t try to optimize it for the search engines. I this case you completely ignored SEO.

What will happen?

No one or very few of the millions of people will read your post. Your content is great your ideas are awesome but what makes you suffer for traffic is doing no SEO.

That’s because people don’t know you exist online, they don’t know you write about life hacks and seriously, they don’t know you have a blog on”. How do you think they are going to know about your article.

Its search engines who index your URLs, store them and present them to the audience they get.

You need to understand its search engines who act as a medium to connect you with your readers.

People use search engines to find what they are looking for. Search engines by showing your posts as search results compliment both of you.

Without search engines, there’s no blog.

However, that doesn’t mean search engines rule.

It will be fair to say that search engine too won’t exist when bloggers like you and me didn’t exist. Search engines have a user base because bloggers are pushing content to get more traffic and more readership.

Search engines don’t answer the questions, they don’t blog about every niche in the world, they don’t give free stuff to users, they simply use your content to gain more trust and readership.

Real Visitors, The Humans’ Medium


So, The better you perform in search engines the better your will help your readers find your content. It took search engines like Google years to become what they are today.

They have got the traffic you want and you need to impress them, with proper SEO.

You need to found. Of course, there are other traffic sources as well which includes social media, and email marketing. They will work if you aren’t willing to do SEO.

But the fact is that they aren’t used by millions of people to search for what they want. They simply work if you are willing to invest your time and money in getting referral traffic.

Organic Traffic Is Free

Organic traffic (The traffic from search engines) is absolutely free Unless you are doing PPC.

You don’t need to invest a dime in getting more organic traffic if your content is great. traffic will flow naturally.

All other sources of traffic require a great share of money as well as time. SEO on another hand can be done with absolutely no money. It takes proper SEO foundation, a couple of free or paid tools, proper structure, and few guides like this. Check out our SEO category to find latest articles on it.

Moreover, what makes sense is this: You don’t have to invest money in what you can get for free. Being honest with your work and keeping up the best practices will eventually to the work. The same thing goes for SEO as well.

You Want to be Get Found, Easily.


When you start a new blog, website, project or an online tool, you ought to get more users and visitors. Instead of trying to get them from sources like social media and paid promotion, you should be focused on how to get more organic traffic.

By making your site more crawlable, giving it a proper structure, and by using a simple SEO plugin, you can make sure Google has a good time going through your website.

By doing this, you are actually helping Google to help you.

Showing search engines why you deserve to be shown to millions of people who search for what you have written about is the key to be found by your targetted audience. Search engines make it easier for us by handling the part of the job.

So, If you want to be found on the internet easily, SEO is the only way.


So the final verdict is,

Write for search engines first. That means, write with proper SEO practices and consider optimizing your articles.

You want to be read by real people so the ratio I think suitable is 40:60. The article should be optimized 40% for search engines at lest and 60% of humans. I make sure to follow this rule every time I write a post.

Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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