SEO is An Abbreviated Form Of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is The process of Optimizing Your Website or a Blog For enhanced Search Engine Reach and indexing.

The Percentage Of Visitors who reached to your blog By Clicking on a Search Engine Result Are Known is Organic Traffic.  The more your website is optimized for search engines, The more you will be appearing in Search Engines Result pages.

There Are Two main categories of SEO, On page and On Site. Both are equally Important.  Neglecting On-page SEO will Degrade The indexing of Your posts and neglecting On-Site SEO will Degrade your Homepage and Navigation indexing.

There is an SEO category known as Off-Site SEO, that includes the link building, Site speed optimization, meta keywords and so on.

If you want to Rank your page for an article you have written About a particular product you need to Add Key Words Related To the Product. This includes the Name, The brand, the Technology Used, Availability in Regions and more. This is known as ON-page SEO.

On-site SEO Consist of Submitting Sitemaps, Using Responsive themes, And For enhanced Results We prefer using Breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs Are used show the blog’s categoriesd Results and Archives. Using Rich Snippets are also a Source for SEO.

Official SEO Factors :-

Official Ranking Factors include Installing An SSL Certificate. Google has clearly Stated that Secured website rank higher, However, This isn’t Above the content Factor.

Faster Websites Rank Higher In the google and Bing Search results as User experience and satisfaction Is their Main Motto. For Making Your Website or a Blog Fast You May have To Use CDN.

Practicing SEO :-

Internal Linking – The more you interlink your Articles the more easily your user will Be able to Navigate. This Also Helps you Rank higher in search results. This will be one of the Crucial reasons for Rankings As well as Your bounce rate will decrease. Read how to automate interlinking in WordPress.

External Linking – External Linking a.k.a Outbound link, Is as Important As Internal Links. Although their is no official Disclaimer about External links helping in SEO, Authors Are Still urged to Do So. External linking also Helps in creating Relations between bloggers.(Yes Authors Notice).

For Example if someone Links A post Or The Author Of Bforbloggers (That’s Me) I will be Noticing as I will Respond to the Traffic Referrer. I had Created Some strong relationships with Fellow bloggers doing External Linking.

Use SEO Plugins – If you Use WordPress, Then You Must Install Yoast Plugin. This is an All In One SEO plugin you need to Implement On-page As well As On-Site SEO. Yoast Helps In Generating Sitemaps, Setting Focus Keyword, Analysing if Page is Readable and Suggestions for Improvement. This is the plugin Is Use.

Additionally Is use SEMRush for Keyword Research and SEO optimization. This the best Tool I have got So far and Ultimately I have Got everything  To Boost My SEO knowledge. Nothing Is Needed After Using  SEMrush. I’ve Got An Exclusive Offer from them to share with my Readers, “An Exclusive Free Trial” worth $199. Try SEMRush

Quality Of the Content playes a crucial role in search Engine Rankings A well Researched Article with 1500 to 2,000 words Having Detailed Structured Data gets the first place In Rankings. But You should Focus More on Data rather than making articles lengthy with having ZERO value.

Always remember, Extend the Articles where you can Do It. Don’t Add Unnecessary Words. Write Short And To-The-Point Articles and Focus on In-Page SEO. Don’t Forget To Do the Research on the Keywords which are relevant To Your Article. Take the help of long tail pro.

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