Eager to know about upcoming features of Elementor page builder? Well, a few minutes ago I was informed by the team of their new Beta version which is currently available in the WordPress plugin repo (scroll to the end).

It includes many new interesting features and below is the email I received. It includes everything you need to know (and how to test it before the initial release).

Hey Elementor testers!

You are the first to receive Elementor version 2.1 – a new version that is packed with many helpful innovative features.

This release is an important one, and includes solutions to many requests that were sent by our users. These solutions have all been added to the core of Elementor.

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We believe the best way to make Elementor the #1 industry leader is by listening to our users, that share their feedback, frustrations and suggestions, and know best what needs to be added or improved in Elementor.

This release also includes full compatibility to Elementor Pro 2.1, which will be released to Beta soon.

Please go over each new feature detailed below, and test it out on your dev environment.

Context Menu (Right Click)

If you take a look at the new editing screen, you’ll notice the handles are now much simpler and less obtrusive. This has been accomplished by transferring all the setting handles to a context menu that appears when you hover over an element and press right click.

Need the browser’s original right click functionality? No problem. Just click CTRL / CMD + Right Click, and the original context menu will appear. If you are a developer and want to inspect an element, this is how to get it done.

The new Right Click shows all the former element settings, including edit, duplicate and delete. A different context menu appears depending on whether you hover over the page, section, column or widget.


While right-clicking and accessing the context menu, you probably noticed the new Copy / Paste feature. This is a new functionality that will vastly improve the design experience and workflow in Elementor, and includes three different types of Copy / Paste:

Copy/Paste Elements


In the past, to copy an element you had to duplicate and drag the element on the page. This was not an optimal process, especially if your page was long. Now you can simply copy an element (widget, column or section) and paste it anywhere on the page with a click. With a simple CTRL / CMD + C, and then CTRL / CMD + V, you can copy and paste elements and make your whole workflow more streamlined and effective.

Pasting Elements is possible by clicking CTRL / CMD + V on any empty section, or on any other element on the page. In the latter case, the pasted element will be placed right after the existing element.

Copy/Paste Style

With Copy Style, you can copy any element (widget, column or section), and then paste its style on any other element. Instead of manually copying every style setting one by one – you can apply the same style with a click.

Copy/Paste Between Pages

Until now, in order to copy an element, you had to save the element as a template and insert it into the page. Believe it or not, Copy Paste and Copy Style actually work between pages! You can copy any section, column or widget, and paste it into a different page on your site with one click.

Copy/Paste All Content

Copy Paste also allows you to copy all the content of the page. You can copy the entire page content using right click, and paste it on a different page.

Reset Style

No need to trace back your steps. You can easily return to the default style settings of every element by clicking on Reset Style. This way, there is always an option to start over and undo all the style changes with one click.

UI Improvements

We added several improvements to make our UI better:

  • Added collapsible categories in the panel
  • Added keywords to all widgets to help you find the right widget you’re looking for
  • The ‘Add new section / template’ buttons were changed from text to Icons
  • The ‘Delete All Content’ option moved into the page right click

Set Custom Breakpoints

The ability to set custom breakpoints has been a popular feature request among our users. Now, you can finally set your own custom breakpoints, and adjust your designs according to screen sizes of your choice. To set your own breakpoints for tablet and mobile devices, go to Elementor > Settings > Style, and add the new breakpoints in the appropriate place.

New Video Features

The new video functionality allows you to add:

  • Self-hosted videos with HTML5
  • Start and end times for the video widget (for supported platforms)
  • Start and end times for Background video
  • Remove YouTube logo
  • Dailymotion videos (new provider)
  • Refactor Video widget code base for better performance

Image CSS Filters

Are you familiar with the CSS filters that are available in the Call to Action widget? We’ve added them to other image widgets, making it easy to create sophisticated image effects without coding.

  • Added CSS Filters to Image / Image Box widgets
  • Added blend mode for background overlay in Column & Section

WP CLI (Command-Line Interface)

Elementor’s WP CLI integration, lets you execute several tasks which currently include:

  • flush_css – Flush the Elementor Page Builder CSS Cache
  • replace-urls – Replace old URLs with new URLs in all Elementor pages
  • sync-library – Sync Elementor Library
  • import-library – Import template files to the Library
  • De/Active license (Pro Version)

Here is an example of a CLI task:

$ wp elementorusage: wp elementor flush_css   or: wp elementor import_library   or: wp elementor replace_urls   or: wp elementor sync_library

We will expand the available list of these commands in the future.

Gutenberg 3.0+ Compatibility

It is now easy to switch between Gutenberg and Elementor, using the familiar ‘Edit with Elementor’ button within Gutenberg.

How to Install Beta Version

If you still haven’t enabled beta testing in Elementor, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Elementor > Tools > Versions
  2. Enable the beta tester feature
  3. Go to Dashboard > Updates and update to the latest beta version.

This will get you testing the new Elementor 2.1.0 Beta 1. You can also download the new version here:


For bugs and remarks, please reply with a comment in the original issue on GitHub:

Designated time for release: July 2, 2018 (Estimated)

If you want to watch a video on how to use the new verison of Elementor, Adam has already done it for you:

So, the Elementor was already quite awesome and I build pages using it here at BforBloggers (see my homepage). Make sure you don’t use it on production site and its still in Beta stage.

Use it and help the developers make it more awesome, useful and easy to use. I’m currently testing it on a subdomain as well as on localhost. If you are going to use it, Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

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