Do you know that social traffic and shares contribute to your website’s SEO?

With Facebook having over 2 billion users and Twitter dominating the microblog segment,  you simply can’t ignore the impact of social media.

You want your articles to be shared so that it gets exposed to the bigger audience base. But how will you do that?

The answer is simple. Whether you are a WordPress user or not,  you can add custom sharing buttons which can compel your readers to share your articles. I will mention which are compatible with blogging platforms like BlogSpot as well ahead in this post.

Below mentioned plugins are cloud-based apps are some of the best tools to add social share buttons on your blog posts.

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1. SUMOme


This one plugin is a blogging toolkit. Along with fantastic share buttons, you get a lot of other free tools to boost your conversions and increase traffic at the same time.

The plugin offers you a floating share widget which works out of the box. I don’t know why,  but sumo share buttons have given outstanding results, an example is Robbie Richards’s blog that got 26k+ share with 27 blog posts only!

Other Tools included are heat maps, opt-in forms, welcome Matt and more. The sumo store offers you every tool you need to grow your readership.

Discover SUMO >>

2. Social Warfare


Another great plugin. This plugin is a dedicated social trafficking plugin and it is really beginner friendly.

The initial setup for activating the plugin is very easy.  You just have to select the social network icons you want to display and you are good to go. It has a free and a pro version as well. The free version lets you have 6 different social networks to show on your buttons while premium versions add more styles and features.

Social warfare offers floating, fixed and shortcode supported share buttons. The plugin comes with frame buster and I recommend you to enable this. Social warfare is fast and lightweight and also has an advanced cache trigger that makes your share buttons appear before page content loads.

Discover Social Warfare >>

3. Max Share Buttons

Max share buttons were once the part of Max buttons but the developers have released a dedicated plugin for social sharing after looking at its popularity.

A very easy to use and fast plugin, Max share buttons are the best choice for you if you don’t want any extra edge feature.

This plugin supports floating, fixed and shortcode placements.

Discover Max Share Buttons >>

4. Orbitfox companion

The orbitfox companion plugin by themeisle was created as an add-on for the theme by themeisle. However, Its now a swiss knife for more every blogger.

Orbitfox comes with a great floating sharing module and offers 20+ social networks and you can also choose to show different networks on different devices.

The plugin comes with other modules like uptime monitor, menu icons, mystock etc.

Note :- If you use custom CSS for links and meta then icons may change their colors as well.

Discover Orbitfox | themeisle

5. AddThis

Add this provides you with a power-packed set of tools like list builder, follow buttons, related posts along with the share buttons.

Recently they have integrated into the WordPress platform after they officially launched their dedicated plugin.

The best thing is that add this is completely free and you can also do the A/B testing. They seamlessly integrate with services like MailChimp, convertkit etc.

Discover Addthis >>

You can spend hours and hours In creating an epic content but what If nobody or very few people read that. You need traffic to get inspired and stay focused.

If you do blogging as a part-time job, you can use the revive social to automate your social media accounts. This will help you save a lot of time.

Social media has the power to influence people as well as search engines so grab on a plugin from the list and start increasing the engagement today. That is called an actionable punch.

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