This Article will help you understand The importance of  the speed of your WordPress powered website or Blog.

Why Speed Is Important For WordPress.


Speed is your website’s backbone. A user won’t wait to see your blog if it takes to long to load and here “too long” means a few seconds.


“Every Millisecond Matters”

If loading your website takes more than 6-7 Seconds,which is already Exaggerated, your user will close down the tab. In era of blazingly fast Facebook, ultra light twitter and And Quick responding Webpages you can’t afford to loose a single second.

You will also decrease your Conversion rates if you neglect to optimize the speed of your WordPress blog.

In case you don’t know, WordPress requires a good memory to show up if not optimized correctly, the whole load shifts to browser and server which are already doing their best over that “Slow Speed” internet.

As You start to grow more, you must start thinking upon boosting your website’s speed to help you getting ahead in the race. The more your website grows, the more memory you will use and hence, room for optimization increases.

Google clearly mentioned that slow sites goes down and started to give better rankings to fast and secured websites. This helps google to ensure its commitment for a user friendly search engine.

While google is the search engine giant you need to focus on its guidelines while its algorithm stays a secret, various practices have acclaimed some prescribed procedures to follow in need to get high search engine rankings.

Slow website also makes a loyal reader into a part time reader. Nothing will work accordingly if your website is slow.

In the year of 2018, it’s all about speed and responsive website. The more fast you are, more you become famous.

As soon as you started your Blog or website, your Main Goal Should be Speed and SEO. Their are Millions of websites and each of them are constantly pushing up the level but everyone isn’t going to think about speed, but you should because you are a reader of bforbloggers.

I am constantly trying to increase my blogs speed through the help various of tools and services and my days are focused on speeding experiments and that’s why i want yours site to be a speedy too.

I have successfully increased my website’s speed by 2.47 seconds (approx.) and i am quite happy with it till now. i will update this article soon with new figures.

Chapter Two – Steps to An Ultra Fast WordPress Site


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